Dorco Eve 6

Fabulous Dorco Eve 6 Razors

I recently received a trial pack of razors. The Dorco Eve 6 and replacement blades. I am very impressed. When I really wasn’t expecting to be.

It just so happened I was offered the Dorco Eve 6 at a point when I had really eeked all the life I could out my last razor blade cartridge at home. I’ll admit I do not change my blades regularly enough, but they are expensive, so I’ll just keep going until I literally can’t anymore. 

Dorco Eve 6
My Dorco Eve 6 Welcome Pack

The price was the first thing that impressed me about the Dorco Eve 6. £10.20 for a handle and 4 blades. £12.25 for a pack of 8 replacement blades. Plus a multitude of options in between. Then there’s also the subscription service. Literally blades posted to your door to save you having to think about buying replacements. At £5.45 a month for 4 blades I thought that was great value.

So already winning on price it would have been hard for the Dorco Eve 6 to disappoint me.

The handle is quite chunky. It’s wide and soft. Very nice to hold. It doesn’t slip when wet. Generally it just everything you need it to do.

The blades are what make the Dorco Eve 6 truly special . With 6 blades, split into 2 groups of three on a hinged head the shave you get is amazing. The head is hinged and flexible. Making awkward areas like knees, ankles and underarms a doddle. Oh and there’s an Aloe and Lavender strip on them too to moisturise and protect.

I haven’t cut myself with these once, although the first shave did leave my skin feeling a little sore. That was just because it wasn’t used to such a close shave. What’s certain is that I certainly haven’t suffered with it again. In fact I have found I don’t even need a shaving gel.

I honestly wasn’t expecting to write a full review on a razor. I figured one was much like another. How wrong was I? These are super impressive and I think everyone needs to know about them.

Disclosure – I was sent a trial pack in return for an honest opinion.

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