HSH Mutant Loader

Fun with a Half Shell Hero

L has never watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles so I wasn’t sure what he’d think of his Half Shell Hero Mutant Loader Vehicle complete with Mikey when it arrived for us to review.

Simply put he loves it.

Playing with his new TMNT toy
Playing with his new TMNT toy

He’s not at all fussed that it’s part of a range he just likes his turtle toy, so it goes to show that kids don’t have to be fans of a cartoon to like the associated toys. So long as those toys are good.

His favourite thing about his all new Mutant Loader vehicle, is the forklift. In the world of TMNT it is of course to catch the bad guys, flipping them up and into the cage at the back.

HSH Mutant Loader
Mikey and his HSH Mutant Loader

In the world of L it is to rescue smaller cars and vehicles, or to help collect rubbish for his bin van. In fact he has played so many different and imaginative games with it I’ve really enjoyed watching him.

The included Mikey figure has jointed arms and legs, so that you can move him around. He’s also nice and chunky, perfect for smaller hands.

HSH Mutant Loader
Driving the Loader

In fact the same can be said for the Half Shell Hero Mutant Loader. It is bright and colourful. Nice and solid. The dial for the flip action is chunky and easy to use. He grasped it straight away.

For £19.99 I thought it was maybe a little small and didn’t do all that much, but I have been bought around by just how solid it is. How it is seemingly indestructible. L is rough with his toys, but this has been fine.

HSH Mutant Loader
Just checking the engine

He hasn’t been able to pull the tyres off the wheels, his favourite game with the other vehicles in the house, my least favourite when i have to find them, match them to the correct car and work out how on earth to get them back on! It has been bashed and crashed more times than I can count and is still pristine. Oh I do love a toy that he can’t immediate break, I love toys more that actually last and this is one of those long lasting toys.

HSH Mutant Loader
Getting ready to flip the forklift

This is definitely a toy perfect for younger children like L. Kids who are rough and ready with their toys but still like things to be detailed and move. The flip action of the forklift is so much fun.

I’m so impressed I’ll definitely be checking out more of the available toys at the TMNT Toys Collectors Club.

HSH Mutant Loader
HSH Mutant Loader

Disclosure – we were gifted our toy in return for our honest opinions.

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