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The Pet Emergency Plan from Vets Now

Over Christmas there are a lot of extra treats around, wrapping, ribbon and all sorts of other things that are actually quite troublesome for our pets. So Vets Now, who get 41% more pet emergencies than usual over the Christmas period, have created a Pet Emergency Plan as well as some fun videos.  Continue reading The Pet Emergency Plan from Vets Now

James’s First Review

I often chat about my lovely cat James, he has been my baby for longer than my actual baby, my centre of fluffy calm when I was in a bad place and my comfort whenever I have been sick.

Mr Jame's
Mr Jame’s

So why oh why have I not featured him on the blog? He wanted to get the chance to review something, to be the star of the show, to get all the pictures.

So when PetShop.co.uk said they were in need of some feline taste testers it seemed only fair to let Mr James in on the action and he was only too willing to participate.

Our goodies from PetShop.co.uk
Our goodies from PetShop.co.uk

Continue reading James’s First Review