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The 12 Makes of Christmas – Stockings

Hobbycraft are helping us get in the Christmas Spirit with their 12 Makes of Christmas. They are hosting festive demos and sharing a range of inspiring makes and project guides to help those looking to create a handmade Christmas. This week we are making stockings.

Each week I’ll be making the projects and featuring them on my blog to give you some inspiration. So, with the help of Hobbycraft I’m hoping inspire you. The stocking I made was really easy and looks great, so even beginners can join the fun.

If you fancy having a go yourself there are loads of great ideas on the Hobbycraft blog to inspire you.

Parts to make an easy stocking
All you need to make an easy stocking

Making my stocking

My sister and I both still use the stockings out mum made us when we were little, so I know the importance of a handmade stocking.

I wanted to keep L’s really simple, something that he wouldn’t grow out of in 5 minutes but also something that anyone could do.

I simply used one of the ‘blank’ stockings, some Jingle Bells and Pom poms.

I started by stitching small white poms poms round the join between the white and red sections. It looks lovely.

using pom poms to decorate a stocking
I love the little white pom poms around the edge

I’ve then used chunky red pom poms to make L’s initial on the top of the stocking. You could of course do the full name if you wanted.

A few jingle bells stitched to the side was my final touch.

Super easy and really effective. The only thing you have to be careful about is getting the thread right through the middle of the pom pom, otherwise it won’t be secure.

Handmade stocking
Ls new stocking

Other Ideas

My other options for L were to create a Paw Patrol themed stocking. I thought I could mock up a pretty good Chase using felt.

I also considered getting some fabric paints or Hobbycraft blog and letting him get involved with the decorating. That would have been fun.

I love a bit of embroidery and did briefly consider creating something beautiful and hand stitched, but embroidery takes some time, more than I had available.

Another similar but quicker option would have been cross-stitch. I can whip through a decent sized festive cross-stitch in no time and if you use soluable canvas you are left with your design direct on the stocking.

To view The 12 Makes of Christmas visit the Hobbycraft Blog or visit www.hobbycraft.co.uk to see when your local store will be demoing each make. Next week we’ll be making a Christmas Eve Box!!

Disclosure – I have received the products to make these crafts and a few extras for my craft stash in exchange for sharing the 12 Makes of Christmas for Hobbycraft

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