Christmas Puzzle

A Christmas Puzzle from Wentworth

Who doesn’t need a puzzle over Christmas? Something fun to do for yourself, a gift for family or a way to keep the kids quiet for a little while.

The Puzzle That Wrapped Up Christmas
The Puzzle That Wrapped Up Christmas

Wentworth make the best puzzles out there. OK that’s only my opinion and my Granddad’s. But if you knew how many puzzles my granddad gets through then you would appreciate his opinion. 

I love Wentworth because they make high quality wooden puzzles, so they feel very satisfying as you make them.

With the Christmas puzzle I have been making, The Puzzle That Wrapped Up Christmas, they have used Reindeer shape as a main base, and created an almost tessellating pattern. So you have multiples of exactly the same shape that somehow need to be fitted together. There are no straight edges or corners, so it’s hard to find a starting point. It is a real puzzle. Or as my husband said ‘this is fecking impossible’ he is not the patient, puzzling sort. It is certainly not for the faint hearted.

Christmas Puzzle
Getting Ready to puzzle

I really enjoy taking a few moments out here and there to complete my puzzle, I like how it forces me to stop thinking and gets me out of my own head. Plus it’s festive so I’m even happier.

Did I mention they are also fantastic value, my 300 piece wooden Christmas Puzzle is only £32.00 and it is no way near finished, it will take me ages and once it has taken me ages to finish it will go to my granddad, who will spend far less time than me, but still take him a good while. After that it will work it’s way through the family, they are such good quality it won’t even look used by the time it comes back round my way. So really it is fantastic value.

Christmas Puzzle
Fun shapes to make it extra hard

I would love it if you could all join me and Wentworth Puzzles over on Twitter for a #NationalJigsawDay Twitter party between 1pm and 2pm on 3rd November. Just use follow @anywaytostay & @wentworthpuzzle and keep an eye out for the #NationalJigsawDay tag to join in with us.

During the party there will be a chance to win some amazing prizes and all of the puzzles on are reduced by 10% for one day only on 3rd November.

Christmas Puzzle
It took me 20 minutes to get this far!

Disclosure – I was gifted my jigsaw as a thank you for taking part, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like a good gift for birthdays and Christmas thanks for sharing this amazing idea

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