Christmas Table Setting Crafts

A Christmas Table with Hobbycraft

One of the biggest things about Christmas day for us, is Christmas Dinner. I love to make a fuss of it, set the table nicely and make everything look amazing. The only trouble being we have a teeny tiny table, squashed in a corner of our kitchen under some cupboards. With a little help from Hobbycraft, I’ve changed it into an amazing Christmas table.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
Our Festive table

I haven’t done much, I really haven’t. Just made a simple centerpiece and some festive place holders. I’ve also added a bit of sparkle to the table area. The best thing is, I made everything over two evenings, so it’s quick and utterly transformed the table.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
Making a Pom Pom Tree Centrepiece

The first thing I did was add some festive frosting to the table area by hanging some sparkly icicles from the base of the cupboards. It took two seconds to just tack the icicles up and they look great. A bit of fluff and glitter that comes in a 2m length for only £3. Boom!

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
One Section at a time

For the centrepiece I created a fun pom pom Christmas Tree. L helped me make it and we both love it.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
It’s so pretty

It’s really, really simple. You need a polystyrene cone for the base. A lot of green pom poms (around 8 bags of the 25 packs), though you can use any colour you wish. A sparkly gold star. So much glue! PVA if you are crafting with a child, but if you are making it yourself a hot glue gun will be quicker and give a better hold.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
I even love all the classic packaging for the parts of this make

I don’t think I even need to tell you how to make it. Cover the cone in pom poms, if you are using PVA you’ll need to do it in sections leaving each section to dry before moving on, otherwise you end up in a fluffy, sticky pickle.  Glue a star to the top. Done. So simple, but I love it!

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
The Pepperberries work so well to fill the jars

Despite us being a family of three and place holders being entirely unnecessary I really liked the idea of them. So made some anyway! These are really simple as well, but look amazing and came out exactly as I pictured in my head.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
The name labels are so easy and would also make great gift tags

For this I used the cutest little glass jars which I filled with pepperberries.

I then took a length of raffia straw ribbon, tied two cinnamon sticks together, which I then attached to a dried orange slice. The easiest way to do this is to pop out a pip from the centre of the orange creating a little hole you can feed the raffia through. This cute little festive bundle is then tied round the top of the jar with a little bow.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
You could use any tape that matches your theme

The final touch is the name labels themselves, I took a classic brown luggage tag and added a strip of festive Washi Tape to the bottom, before writing the name on with a sparkly pen. Then then loops over the lid too. Creating your finished placeholder.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
They smell good too, bonus

I love that they will last for years to come, look super traditional and festive and could be used without the name tags as little decorations or gifts in their own right.

The only thing I would have liked to have made for my festive table was some Crackers, but I’ll have to save those festive crafting thoughts for next year.

Christmas Table Setting Crafts
Simple things to create an amazing change

Disclosure – I was provided with the parts needed to create these items, however, all the ideas, thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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