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A Foodies Christmas Hamper

We all know someone who would just love a hamper of yummy foods for Christmas but if, like me, you’ve done your research you’ll know that buying one already made up can be very expensive. So here’s my guide to creating the perfect, bespoke hamper, without breaking the bank. 

To start with, you need a hamper. Now you could buy a beautiful wicker hamper, but you’ll blow most your budget before you’ve started, even a wicker basket can be costly. Or, you could wrap a shoe box in Christmas paper, which is what I have opted for. Christmas Hamper Foodie

Then you just need to know your audience. Are they all about the sweet treats? A gin lover? Savoury snacker? Or would they just a love a right mix?

Making your own gift hamper means you aren’t tied in at all.

Now I have actually pulled together a hamper for my Father in Law this Christmas. He is notoriously hard to buy for. If he wants something he just tends to get it. His tastes change like the wind. He is also very, very fussy. As opposed to a food hamper being a risk, a bit of research has left me confident I have filled it with items he’ll not only use, but love. Christmas Hamper Foodie

So I’ve started with a couple of bottles of Red he loves, I know he loves it because I was doing a food order when we were at their house once and he asked if I could add a couple of bottles on for him. Sadly they were out of stock that time round, for real, but I remembered and waited and then ordered some for the hamper.

A jar of Opies Pickled Walnuts is next up, the perfect festive pickle that work brilliantly with with a rich red wine. They also go perfectly with cheese and crackers, which as my father in law is all about the savoury, makes them perfect. I may well have to grab a jar of their Cornichons as well, not for the hamper, just for me to snack on. Christmas Hamper Foodie

When it came to crackers I wanted something a bit special, so I went for Peter’s Yard. The packaging is lovely and perfect for a hamper, but not only that, they make interesting flavours, they are super crispy and just a bit special.

When it gets a bit closer to Christmas I will buy the finishing touches, two mini truckles of cheese, his favourite Black Bomber and one yet to be decided. The perfect accompaniment to the wine, pickles and crackers.

The hamper is a real festive treat and so easy to do, a lovely way to give a really personal gift.

Disclosure – I was gifted some of the items mentioned for me to try, in the hope I would include them in a Christmas Guide. I have only included items I genuinely like and can recommend.

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