Higgidy occasion

A Higgidy Day

Over at Higgidy they make feel good family food – bold, vibrant, uplifting dishes to plonk on the table and enjoy together and they challenged me to create my very own Higgidy Occasion.

I had all these plans, a summer lunch in the garden with the family, a picnic on one of our days out, a fun snacky meal to treat the kid after nursery. But this is not what happened, not at all actually. My Higgidy occasion followed what can only be described as an interesting day.

Higgidy day
A delicious selection from Higgidy

So my Higgidy Day did not start well. L woke in the middle of the night after dreaming that a man was chasing him trying to cut him, horrific right! I don’t know where he got this notion from but 2.30am was not the time to be finding out.

Then I got to go to work, whoop. I actually had a really nice day with some lovely customers who spent almost my entire shift with me. This did mean that I didn’t get a break. Whilst they bought me a drink which was super sweet, I was a tad peckish by the time I got home at 6pm. Just a tad.

Higgidy occasion
One of my plans definitely involved al fresco dining

At home L decided he was both starved, despite having eaten at nursery and devastated that his Daddy was away for work for a couple of days. Not the easiest mix of emotions to deal with right there.

So it became clear to me it was the time for our Higgidy Occasion. Higgidy to the rescue!

Higgidy occasion
A delicious dinner for me

A quick salad (for me just cucumber for L) and enough Higgidy to make up for missed lunch, much needed dinner and a small child’s hangry emotions. I also earmarked some for my lunch the next day as I was trying to be organised and wanted to maximise my 15 minute break, an unusually organised occurrence!

The Vintage Cheddar Rolls were supposed to be for my lunch the next day but they were devoured by the two of us, with delicious pastry and a filling that soothed our souls.

Higgidy occasion
L loved the Cheese Rolls and his baby cucumbers

The Welsh Goat’s Cheese & Leek Frittata is amazing and great for slicing up and enjoying with a salad. I loved how tasty it is but also how brillianty it worked with my diet, no pastry keeps it healthy and whilst I thought the Goats Cheese might be a bit too much for L, turns out he loves it and I feel absolutely zero guilt.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Red Onion Parcels make a fab Vegan option and whilst I had clearly gone entirely overboard on the food stakes, an unexpected feast and the treat of a late night and a grown up meal with his mummy had cheered L right up and meant we both got to bed happy and well fed.

Higgidy occasion
Thumbs Up!

Disclosure – Higgidy were kind enough to send me some of their products in exchange for e this post. All opinions are my own.

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