Vie Moroccan Hamman Spa Gift Set

A Little Bit of Self Care

I have got to be kinder to myself, I have got to be easier on myself, I have got to look after myself. So I have been careful recently to not put so much pressure on and to make sure I create downtime and I partake in a little of self care. It has started with actually using some of the wonderful things I got for Mother’s Day.

Vie Moroccan Hamman Spa Gift Set

It’s taken a long time, I know, but with spending so much time at the hospital with my Grandad before he passed and then dealing with the fallout from that. The family, the funeral, the small boy who doesn’t understand and just normal everyday life things I forgot about me. The grown woman who doesn’t understand either. So I figured it was time I actually pulled out the lovely Hammam Spa Gift Set I was sent.

A day just for me was in order, So I dropped the kid at school and planned on doing nothing other than watching some trashy TV and looking after myself a little bit. The Hamman Spa set is brilliant.

Vie Moroccan Hamman Spa Gift Set

It comes with a bottle of Argan Oil, a Rhassoul Clay, a Black Soap with Eucalyptus and a Coconut Spoon for mixing as well as an exfoliating mitt. It was all packaged up nicely, which makes it feel a bit more of a treat. Most importantly using it all actually felt like being in a Spa.

I love the Mud Treatments at my local spa, but my budget wouldn;t stretch to a day there, not that I would have had time either. But to be able to relax at home with oils, and clays and soaps that meant I could treat my hair, face and body to a little TLC was perfect. It’s all so good. Perfect for a little pick me up for yourself or it would make a great gift for someone else.

Vie Moroccan Hamman Spa Gift Set

The kit comes with a Coconut Spoon to help apply the clay as to get the best from it you don’t want to use a metal spoon as that can react with the clay, so to add to the experience and to make it easier than scooping the soap and clay from the tubs you could get some Coconut Bowls as well. It makes a nice way to complete the set and it also stops the potential for mess!

My skin felt better, my mind felt clearer, I had relaxed and spent time doing something just for me and that’s important! I really should make the effort to it more and as it turns out, a Spa Day from home is easy peasy, so I will be.

Vie Coconut Bowls

The Vie Handcrafted Coconut Bowls start at £12.95 and the Vie Moroccan Hamman Spa Set is £18.95. Both are available from Amazon.

Disclosure – I was gifted my Spa Set and Bowls in exchange for an honest review. Just turns out the timing was perfect. All thoughts opinions and images are my own.

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