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A New Summer Wardrobe with JD Williams

I am so bad at treating myself to new clothes. I’ll make sure everyone else has what they need before I even thing about myself. So I was really excited when JD Williams got in touch to see if I would like a few new items. 

There was so much to choose from I didn’t know where to start. Did I want something smart, casual, dressy? Did I go for a new dress or some summer tops?

JD Williams
Pansy Print Maxi Dress

I love a nice summer dress that you can just sling on in the morning and feel comfortable in, even on the hottest days. It’s nice to have something you can wear for an evening out, or just for a day to the beach. So I chose a lovely maroon Maxi Dress. Printed with little white pansies. It’s a lovely jersey fabric, so really comfortable. The best thing about this dress, is for sure, when I tried it on and L said I looked super pretty. He is a charmer.

JD Williams
Look at the cat getting involved

I pushed myself a little out of my super comfortable, comfort zone with a cute top. With capped sleeves and delicate print, it isn’t what I would normally go for. My wardrobe seems to consist of smart work wear from my previous office job. Or really casual stuff. With nothing in between. So this fitted that bill, but I wasn’t sure if it was me. I’m so glad I went for it though. I think it is lovely.

JD Williams
I love the neckline and the floral print

My favourite item is my new blue check shirt. The fabric is amazing. Super soft and almost silky. It is comfortable and so me. I love I can have the sleeves rolled up with little button tags to keep them in place. Or have them down, to keep my arms warm. It looks great and I have been wearing it almost constantly. I really love it.

JD Williams
I love this shirt so much

I’m really impressed with JD Williams. All of the sizes are really what they said would be. Everything fitted and that can be a concern when you buy online. There was a really wide choice in styles, fits and prices. Plus everything was delivered really quickly and I’m pretty certain I got a pack of love hearts in my parcel. I’m not 100% sure as I opened a few parcels the same evening and didn’t find the love hearts until the next day as they had rolled off.

I love my new summer picks and it has been really nice to spoil myself for once.

Disclosure – I received my items from JD Williams in exchange for an honest review.


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