A Treat From Lands’ End

I love a jumper. It’s the best bit about the cold weather but I often struggle with finding a nice warm jumper that I can wear comfortably under a coat. Something warm yet thin, soft and definitely not scratchy. If it looks good that’s also a bonus!

Recently the guys at Lands’ End asked if I’d like to try one of their cashmere jumpers out, it was an easy decision to say yes but a lot harder to actually choose which one I wanted to go for, they are all so nice. Classic designs that are perfect for me and a stunning choice of colours and patterns.

Med in a Cashmere Lands' end jumper

I eventually opted for a simple roll neck with a fairisle pattern. It’s beautifully soft, really warm, lovely and thin, so perfect over a vest top or simple tee, even just on its own if you wanted.

I’ve been making plenty of use of it, the right weight for under a coat and long walks, nice and comfortable and because it breathes, unlike a synthetic fibre, you don’t get too hot. It’s smart enough for pub lunches and dinners out, but not at all out of place on a countryside walk.

I’m loving that you can give it a slight festive vibe when paired with some reindeer earrings without actually being a Christmas jumper, so perfect for going out to the kids Nativity and following it up with a good long walk and a trip to the pub.

It needs to be noted that sizing wise it is absolutely spot on, not too tight not too baggy, actually the size on the label which is sadly pretty rare now! Also when it comes to washing I was a bit worried, the cashmere is so fine I was sure, even following the instructions I would ruin it but as it turns out, it’s easy. Just using the wool/soft care cycle on my machine and hanging it out nice and flat to dry it’s perfect. No shrinking, stretching or miss shape issues.

Cashmere Lands' end jumper

Price wise we’re definitely at the top end of what I’d pay for a jumper but the quality is undeniable. Even the packaging was special. Just a lovely experience from beginning to end. I’ve also noticed they often have some very good sales! 

In short of you get summer Christmas cash and fancy a treat then I couldn’t recommend Lands’ End more.

Disclosure – I was gifted my jumper in return for my honest review. All thoughts, options and images are my own. 

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