A Winner with Actipatch

Have you heard of ActiPatch? It’s amazing, I’ve been using it for nearly two years now. It is great for parents who have bad backs from wrestling with squirmy babies and toddlers, superb for sporty types and all those muscular injuries, in fact it’s great for everyone.

It is a drug-free device that uses electromagnetic pulse therapy to stimulate nerves to repair, so can’t be used when pregnant, but pretty much anyone else is good to go and priced at £19.99, which is a lot cheaper than painkillers when you consider this will last for up to 720 hours!

It has a little switch so you can turn it on and off, I’ve been known to fall asleep wearing mine, it’s just amazing when my shoulder has almost frozen, the muscles are so tight and painful, who ever would have thought putting socks on a toddler would cause so much pain? The other half uses the Knee Patch and will wear it for an entire round of golf, so I think that proves how comfy they are. ActiPatch Muscle & Joint Box 3D

There are ActiPatch products specifically designed for back, knee and even heel pain but it the Muscle and Joint patch they have kindly offered as a competition prize for my readers.

Simply stick the wire loop around the area of pain using the included medical grade adhesive strips, turn on and wait. The electromagnetic pulse will help to reduce inflammation and soothe away the pain without you even noticing, no heat, no vibrations, just pain relief.

If you want to be in with the chance of winning one the just enter your details into the app below.

Good luck xx

Win ActiPatch Joint & Muscle Relief

6 thoughts on “A Winner with Actipatch”

  1. I hear these are great for fibromialgia sufferers . I have a similar condition chronic pain all over. Since it is all over I was wondering where do I place the device

    1. Hi Vickie, they are designed to be placed over a specific area of pain, so if one day your back was worse than all your other pain you’d pop it there, or just wherever is worst for you. If you don’t win the comp you can get a 7 day trial patch from their website for about £3 Briony xx

  2. I also love Actipatch unfortunately their customer care leaves a lot to be desired ! I opened a new box yesterday only to find there was no device in it. I contacted them explaining the cellophane was intact so hadn’t been tampered with since leaving their factory.
    Their response ?
    ‘You bought it from Boots, take it back there’ Take what? An empty box ?
    There was not one word of apology & the email signed off with ‘Have a good one’ Really ???

    1. That’s a rubbish response Vicki, such a shame when poor customer services ruins a whole experience. It’s a real bug bare of mine

  3. These are perfect to help with all joint and muscle pain thankyou

    1. They are so good Margaret, I was sceptical but they really help. Good luck xx

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