Zuru Party Bag

A Zuru Party Bag

Is it only me or has party season really kicked off? With a party next week and two in April the kid has a better social life than I do. Trouble is, gifts! What do you get? He has only been at school since September, one of these kids I don’t know at all, one I know the mum but have no idea what the girl likes and the third I think I have an idea but I’m honestly far from sure.

Enter Zuru, with a great range of toys they are well and truly to the rescue.

Zuru Party Bag

We received a lovely party bag filled with inspiration. With fun toys that would make great party bag fillers if you are the host or be used as lovely gifts if you are as in the dark as I am about what to buy!!

In our special Zuru party bag we got party classics in a paper horn and a rather fabulous paper hat. I’m not going to lie I wasn’t sad when then L broke the party horn. We also got some classic Zuru goodies, a 5 Surprise S2 in purple and in red, a medium Cotton Candy and my personal favourite a Tangle.

Zuru Party Bag

We love 5 Surprise, the balls are a super twist on surprise eggs, breaking into 5 segments each with a different toy which form little colletoble ranges. L was really excited to get some more to open up and they would make great party bag gifts. They essentially contain all the little toys you would buy to pop in a party bag, just you haven’t had to make any choices!

The Cotton Candy is a lot of fun, the cotton candy shaped container contains a sweet scented play foam, squishy and squeezy and oh so much fun. Hidden inside the foam is a cute squeezable toy, just like a stress ball, but way cuter. Real fun and a massive hit in our house.

Zuru Party Bag

I’m not going to lie, I’m waiting to sneak the Tangle away from L. Twist it, turn it, loop it, shape it, play with it and fidget with it. As an adult this is the ultimate distraction, I love it. As a kid every now and then I just spy L mindlessly playing with it and being calm and quiet, working his head round how it moves and if he can knot it or tangle it in a certain way. Just what it supposed to be for.

These don’t cost too much, they are happy little toys for anyone, the surprise elements mean you don’t have to choose and can be safe knowing whoever receives it, be it the birthday child or party guest will be happy!

Zuru Party Bag

The best bit? I’ve got a Zuru Party Bag just like the one we received to giveaway!! For your chance to win simply enter your details into the Gleam app below.

Win a Zuru Party Bag

Good Luck xx

Zuru Party Bag

Disclosure – we were gifted our bag in return for our thoughts and Zuru have kindly gifted the prize package as well. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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38 thoughts on “A Zuru Party Bag”

  1. This is a fab giveaway, my daughter is obsessed with all things surprise bags

  2. My niece’s b-day is coming up in April, and then my other niece in May–so we’d put this to good use.

  3. Great prize – thanks for running this comp. I like the Tangle toy πŸ™‚

  4. Great prize – thanks for running this comp. I like the Tangle toy! πŸ™‚

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