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About Me

Want to know about me? I’m Briony and I run Any Way To Stay At Home.

Who we are

I’m thirty something, married and have a very lively little boy who loves mischief. We live in sunny Norfolk with our cat and enjoy a lot of adventures. We travel, explore, play and get messy.

I love to craft, walk and cycle, oh and I really love to Spa. My husband loves sports, all sports, but mainly you’ll find him playing golf and football. Our son, L, is very outdoorsy as well. He loves animals, so we’re at the zoo a lot, he likes exploring and finding bugs and he really enjoys just being a crazy, busy, unstoppable force of nature.

Family Time

Why I started

I started this venture whilst on maternity leave after having my son. I was aware I would have to return to work, but I really didn’t want. This blog has followed my journey back in to the workplace, subsequently leaving to have a go at self employment  before finding a balance between the two and all the struggles in between.

This blog is primarily a lifestyle blog, with a strong parenting theme running through it and a lot of chat about work options, mindfulness and budgeting.

I’m a big believer in home learning and have taken two courses gaining me diplomas in Online Marketing and also got one in Online Reputation Management.

About Me - Why I Started
Let’s be honest, he is why I started

What I do

I write a weekly Gratitude List in my ‘Feeling Calm’ series of posts, there’s also ‘This Plus That Equals….’ a weekly insight into our day to day lives. Then I write about our day to day lives, days out, crafting, budgeting and anything in between.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel with my blog, both in the UK and abroad, I’ve had amazing experiences, am meeting new friends all the time and have found a real place of happiness.

You can find the start of my journey over at anywaytostayathome.com

Wanting to work from home, crafting and parenting

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