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ACE Cleaning Products – Review & Competition

Win one of two ACE cleaning bundles

 I have teamed up with ACE, the global stain remover, to offer two lucky winners the chance to win an ACE cleaning bundle worth £15. These bundles will get rid of everyday stains, add sparkle to your household surfaces and brighten up your wardrobe. Included in the prize are:

  • 1 x ACE for Colours
  • 1 x ACE for Whites
  • 1 x Multi-Purpose Spray
  • 1 x Power Mousseace cleaning

Most commonly known for its ACE for Colours and ACE for Whites, the brand has a range of home cleaning products too. Most products are also multi-purpose, meaning that all household dirt and grime can be wiped out with a small number of products.

I have been sent some ACE products to try as well and have been using them around the house. I have to say I’m very impressed with just how much they can multitask and how well they work.

The laundry stain removers can just be used as normal household cleaners as well and when I first added some to my laundry I dribbled a little bit out of the lid and it ran into the machine’s plastic rim. Well then I noticed something magical, I hope it’s not only me, but on the plastic seal of our washing machine there is a bit of black mould Now I clean this and do what I can but nothing removes it. When I spilled the ACE on it I noticed the clear liquid started to change to white, in exactly the same area as the mould, following the exact shape. ace cleaning

Well that got me thinking. I ran y load as normal. Took out my nice and super fresh washing then got another measure of ACE and used to to rub all the seals, rims and detergent box. I chucked the rest into the drum and ran a self clean cycle. When I came back though the mould hadn’t gone, ti was greatly improved, plus my whole washing machine was sparkling and smelled so clean. Super impressed.

The ACE website is full of other blogs, video tutorials and more for using the products to remove stains, spills and bacteria all over the home.

For more information visit or to buy head to your local Tesco’s, Morrison’s, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.

For your chance to win simply enter your details into the Gleam App below.

Good Luck x

Win one of two ACE cleaning bundles

Disclosure – ACE have kindly provided the prizes and the products we were sent to review.  All opinions are my own.

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89 thoughts on “ACE Cleaning Products – Review & Competition”

  1. I haven’t heard of Ace before, I’ll need to do some more research, as it seems to do some amazing things.

  2. This would come in very handy for my spring cleaning which I haven’t started yet lol.

  3. ooh sounds amazingly good with hubby , children andlots of pets this sound the business for great cleaning results

  4. I have never tried Ace products before, but they sound fab I’ll have to give them a go.x

  5. I haven’t tried them yet but after your recommendations, I might just give them a go

  6. The Ace Bleach stain remover is fantastic, but I have yet to try the other items in the range

  7. i seem to spend all my life cleaning. love these products. very thorough and dont need much x

  8. Honestly you can never have enough cleaning products or that’s what i personally think.

  9. I’ve not tried these but keep hearing lots about them, will have to give it a go.

  10. Not tried Ace products before so would like to try them . Have heard they’re good as for Spring Cleaning I think it’s an all year round job there’s always something . Us ladies do have our work cut out for us lol

  11. As it’s too hot outside i’m giving me house a huge clean from top to bottom. Ace are great cleaning products.

    1. Don’t we all! I often think they aren’t very exciting prizes for you lot reading but then figure if you don’t have to buy it with your groceries it’s a real win

  12. This is a truly briliant product I think everyone needs to give it a try!

  13. With a 2 year old I am sick of washing then rewashing clothes because the stains ae still there, will have to give Ace a go as I’ve read a few people say how good it is, thanks for the giveaway too

  14. Have to say I hadn’t tried Ace before, but since trying it, is products are just as good as anybody’s elses

  15. These would surely motivate my cleaning ambition lol!! Still waiting for the elusive cleaning fairy,beginning to think she doesn’t exist!

  16. I love the sound of the Power Mousse! it works on both kitchen surfaces and white laundry! how good is that!

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