L was recently sent an amazing box filled with some high kicking, punch throwing, moving battle figures. The Akedo Arcade Warriors may be mini but their battle actions take you to next level intensity!

The World of Akedo – Ultimate Arcade Warriors deliver all the extreme moves of arcade fighting but there are no computers in sight. You are in charge of these little fighters and the real battling action is super fun and certainly ramped up the excitement in our house.


There are 39 epic mini warrior action figures to collect, each with an individual fighting style and unique battle-ready accessory. We got some of the sets where you can see what you are getting but there is also the ever popular blind bag format, which typically for us was a duplicate of one of the fighters from the box set, not that it matters as L said, more fighters are more fun.

It’s super simple to play, get ready and shout Ready! Fight! Split Strike! The battle action is a quick pull on the sprung tab on the Battle Controller base and the idea is for your warrior to dominate their opponent and finish them off with a split strike that literally splits their opponent in half.

Akedo Blind Bag

L’s method is to be as noisy as possible to distract me whilst he hammers my warrior with a constant rain of blows until he splits me half, much like a standard school morning but less yelling about putting one shoes.

L adores anything he can collect so the fact he gets to search for Classic, Epic, Ultra Rare, Legendary, Exclusive Ultra Rare and the very Limited Edition Mythical Stormstrike (a glow in the dark Viking) warriors is really appealing to him.

Akedo Versus

There is, of course, a collectors guide so you can keep track of who you have got and who you want, did I mention there’s a super rare, glow in the dark Viking out there and obviously that’s the one L is after!

It’s good simple fun, no need for batteries, just unbox and play. If you want to see Akedo come to life in an animated series just head to YouTube.com/MooseTubeMania

Akedo starter

Disclosure – we were gifted our Akedo Warriors. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.


  1. These warriors look super cool, My son would love them, Great gift idea, thank you.

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