Aldi #MamiaDaysOut Challenge

I love Aldi. I’ll make no bones about it. It’s cheap, stocks my favourite lemonade with coconut and lime in it and my second favourite bottle of Pinot. The SpecialBuys are some of my favourite things ever. Oh and the nappies and wipes are amazing.

My Aldi love story has only been added to recently. You see I have been taking part in the Aldi #MamiaDaysOut Challenge with BritMums so I was sent a very lovely hamper filled with goodies to get out and about with from the Mamia range.

Enjoying a Mamia Fruit Pouch at Whitlingham

L was beside himself. Fruit pots, his fave. Squeezy fruit pouches, oh yes, mummy never gets him those anymore. Bottled juice drinks. You must be kidding, he was in heaven.

So how do we get out and about with Aldi Mamia. Well we always have a supply of the wipes with us. You never know when you’ll need them. Nappy change. Sticky hands. Not so clean restaurant tables. Sand, even when we’ve not been anywhere sandy. I always have a pack in the car and one in my little owl nappy purse.

Using wipes at a visit to Turtle Bay Norwich

The fruit pouches are great snacks just to chuck in a bag. L loves them as he thinks they are a right treat, even the vegetable ones. They are great for in the car or a little something whilst we are out and about. Mess free and fuss free. They make my life easier and are one less thing to have to think about. 

Guzzling his Mamia drink before we even managed a day out!!

The only that was new to us and we hadn’t tried before was the juice drink. Fruit juice and spring water, ready to drink. L drank his bottle at home but I bought him another bottle last time we were at Aldi as our local Aldi is next to the nicest park and duck pond so I often make a day trip of it.

Enjoying his strawberries at Diss Mere

We headed into Aldi to buy a loaf of bread, the ducks had the crust and then L grabbed himself a bottle of drink and a punnet of strawberries so we could have a little post park picnic.

A little light refreshment at Diss Mere thanks to the nearby Aldi

You see Aldi Mamia really does make getting out and about easier, especially if it was the excuse for going out in the first place. We’re all about #MamiaDaysOut they are fun and easy and finding the drinks has made my life a lot easier. 

Fruit pouch snack stop at Whitlingham

As you’ll see from the various pictures. We have made full use of Aldi Mamia goodies on lots of day trips.

Thumbs up from L

Disclosure –This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia.

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  1. Great to hear how you got on and lovely pics! Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.

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