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All Treats No Tricks this Halloween

I have to admit I have never been a big Halloween fan, but L loves it so much, his joy over this fun holiday has spread throughout the house.

Halloween we're ready!
Halloween we’re ready!

In the past I would have done nothing other than turn of the lights and pretend I wasn’t home. Maybe when I was a teenager I would have found myself at a Halloween party, but other than shoving a novelty witches hat on my head it would have been no different to any other weekend with my friends. 

Hobbycraft Halloween
Our Halloween Tree

Now, however, slowly but surely L and I have gathered a box of decorations that we add to each year. This year we created some fab new bits with Hobbycraft, they were quick and simple to make and will add to our Halloween collection nicely.

A cauldron of Haribo

For us it’s more than just decorating though, as I’m not keen on L trick or treating we like to have a fun Halloween night at home, with all the food and drink. We get dressed up too, you know, just to have some more fun.

I love the Halloween themed sweets

So with Pumpkins carved and decorations out the house looks amazing and we wait and see if anyone will knock at the door. This year we are ready for any little visitors with a cauldron of Haribo. They have helped keep it simple for us this year by jazzing up two of their classic mixes with a spooky theme.

The dual tub is such a great idea

Starmix has become Scaremix with Blood Orange Bottles instead of cola bottles and Toffee Apple Eggs instead of the classic fried eggs, they even look a bot like eyeballs which is cool. My favourite Tangfastics are TangfasTricks, will it be the tangy fun we’re used to, super sour or a hot trick? It’s a gamble but it’s fun.

Love a good Cauldron and a lot of webs, got to watch the cat though, he gets in a pickle with it

These fun sweets come in individual portioned bags perfect for trick or treaters, grab bags for family fun or the fantastic dual tub, a Pumpkin shaped tub with a side of each style sweet. I love this as it looks great on the side and would be perfect for a Halloween party.

Cadbury Halloween
Chocolate treats for everyone

If jelly sweets aren’t for you then check out the offerings from Cadbury this year. From bags of classic treat sized goodies like Crunchie, to mixed bags of treats like Flake, Chomp, Fudge, Curly Wurly (my personal fave) and Twists everyone will be happy. Better still are the Halloween treats, this year we have got Goo Heads. Like a Creme Egg but with ghoulish foil wrappings these treats are perfect for handing out at the door or popping in party bags if you have hosted a Halloween bash, especially the mini versions.  They are great value as well!

Feeling Calm
Our halloween dinner from last year

When it comes to food for our fun night in, I’ll be honest, I grabbed this months magazine from Tesco when I was in shopping and it is packed full of fun ideas. I used it a lot last year for fun ways to dress up fruits and a great pie for dessert. There are even more ideas this year and I shall be making the most of them, with sweet and savoury options our Halloween dinner will be great.

Shaken Udder Freakshakes

The drinks are sorted with an awesome idea from Shaken Udder, Halloween Freak Shakes. They are so simple, taste amazing and look great.

So easy to make and a lot of fun
Halloween Freak Shakes 
Serves: 2
  • 2 x 330ml bottle Vanillalicious or Top Banana Shaken Udder Milkshake (any flavour will work, but these give the best colours)
  • Various Food Colouring
  • Whipped Cream
  • Strawberry Sauce
  • Halloween Sweets
Pour the milkshake into 2 glasses and add a few drops food colouring until it turns the desired colour.

Top with whipped cream, squirt over the strawberry sauce and top with the sweets.

Thumbs up from the kid

Bam, that’s it. Done. So simple and who doesn’t need simple. Shaken Udder milkshakes are absolutely delicious and use great ingredients to create these lovely, create and tasty milkshakes. We’ve tried them before and buy them as treats every now and then. Perfect.


When it comes to dressing up I haven’t quite decided what we’ll be wearing yet but we will definitely be getting the Snazaroo Face Paints out. They honestly just make life so easy and you can get everything you need, from individual sets for a specific look, complete with instructions. They are only £2.99 each and perfect if you need some inspiration and are short on time.

I had to be quick to get some pictures, it didn’t last long

For me the absolute life savers are the Brush Pens. They are so easy to use, so easy! They allow you to create a really great finish with no mess and no fuss. A pack of three is £9.99 and will last you ages, love them.

If you are braving a Halloween Party the Snazaroo Ultimate Party Pack is just what you need. Enough to create fun looks for all the children (and adults) at the party, with ideas, instructions, lots of colours, glitter and brushes. It’s brilliant.
My attempt at the Snazaroo design, not too bad really

So that’s it, my tips for a quick and easy Halloween.  It just goes to show you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a lot of fun. A few sweets, a bit of face painting and milkshake or two and everyone is happy. Now I’ve just got to wait for the actual day!

Love the pens
Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you all have a fun filled and spooky day.
Disclosure – I was gifted some of the products mentioned so I could try them out for myself. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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