Christmas Hamper

Amazing Christmas Hamper Giveaway

I like to take a bit of time off in December, what with it being my favourite month and all. So to treat you all, during November I have arranged an amazing prize for you all. A Christmas Hamper filled to bursting with cool things.

I’m going to start by saying a massive thank you to all the fab brands who got involved, I hope you’ll love everything as much as I do.

So here’s what is in this amazing hamper:

  1. A Rebel Tech Kit from Sugru
  2. 1 x Bottle Great Uncle Cornelius’ Famous Spiced Ginger
  3. Festive Doris & Co Mug
  4. Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils
  5. Trolls Bedding Bundle from Character World inc Single Duvet Set, Cushion & Poncho Towel
  6. Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Candle & Space Spray
  7. Miniature Bottle of Monkey Shoulder Whisky
  8. The English Soap Company Winter Village set inc Gift Bar Soap, Guest Soap and Soy Candle
  9. A £50 DIWAH Jewellry Gift Voucher
  10. Festive Box of Zippy Bibs
  11. Some fun added surprises just from me xx

    Christmas Hamper
    Christmas Hamper

This hamper is worth in excess of £360 and is packed with things to make your Christmas easier, with fab gifts and home essentials I’m sure whoever wins this will be really happy.

All you need to do is enter your details into the Rafflecopter app below and follow as many of the great companies that have taken part as you fancy. The more you follow the more entries you get.

Good luck everyone xx

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474 thoughts on “Amazing Christmas Hamper Giveaway”

  1. it would have to be the Lumie Iris Bodyclock as I struggle when its dark to get up for work

  2. I am most excited by the Lumie Iris Bodyclock as I am a long-time sufferer of SAD and have great difficulty getting up in the mornings, something which is impacting my daily routines and my ability to be a good student at uni (my grades really count this year!). I would be forever grateful if I were to win as I cannot afford to buy it myself and am in desperate need of one.

  3. The lumie alarm clock with essential oils. I am terrible at getting up in the mornings at the best of times, but when it’s dark in the morning I’m like a bear with a sore head. It doesn’t help that I have to wake up for work at 6 am brrrrrrrr.

  4. The Lumie Iris Bodyclock looks my favourite item, have heard so many positive things about it 🙂

  5. the bodyclock and jewellery voucher, but i think there are goodies in there that the rest of my family will enjoy xx

    1. I think it has been on a lot if people’s wish list. It was certainly on mine for ages and I was so happy when I actually got one, I can’t wait to share the Lumie love with someone. Good luck

  6. Trolls Bedding Bundle from Character World inc Single Duvet Set, Cushion & Poncho Towel thankyou for the chance x

  7. I’ve been coveting a Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils, so that is the most exciting item for me🙉 Hopefully the essential oils would help with my trouble getting to sleep & the beautiful Bodyclock will help with my waking up🤗

  8. I would love the Lumie Bodyclock for my dad, he suffers from SAD and sleep problems – so it would help both. Thanks for the chance.

  9. My daughter would say the trolls bedding but I would love the lumie body clock, it would be nice to wake up gently

  10. I have always wanted a Lumie Bodyclock, so my absolute favourite item is the Lumie Iris Bodyclock!

  11. For me it would be the Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils as that is just an amazing thing to have but for my daughter I would love the trolls bedding :-). Fab giveaway

  12. It’s got to be the Lumis Iris Body Clock! I need something to get my sleeping patterns in good working order!

  13. Trolls Bedding Bundle from Character World inc Single Duvet Set, Cushion & Poncho Towel as my niece loves the trolls! xx

  14. My great-niece Phoenix would love this: Trolls Bedding Bundle from Character World inc Single Duvet Set, Cushion & Poncho Towel.

    I am intrigued by the “surprises” as well, thanks for the chance.

  15. Lumie Iris bodyclock with essential oils as I suffer from terrible insomnia so this would be fab to try thank you

  16. Lumie Iris Bodyclock as I suffer from Insomnia due to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia xx

  17. Oh i think all of it but seeing my daughters happy little face with the trolls bedding bundle would be great 🙂

  18. The Trolls bundle from Character World. As my daughter loved the film so I know she would absolutely love this!

  19. The Trolls bedding – we recently watched the movie, and I know my eldest would love this set.

  20. The festive Doris & Co mug, the Doris & Co items are so well crafted they really do make thoughtful gifts :0)

  21. Its got to be the Lumie Clock what a wonderful way to wake up to so slow and not to a thumping or bad news has it is normally on the hour , this would be brilliant

  22. The lumie light would be fantastic.
    I suffer from chronic illness which results in poor sleep quality, disrupted sleeping pattern & difficulties waking feeling refreshed.
    Have heard great things about how great these lights are in those circumstances

  23. I’m most excited about the Lumie – I have an older model but one with an oil diffuser in sounds amazing!

  24. That would have to be the Trolls Bedding Bundle from Character World as my daughter would just adore this

  25. Nice bundle, fingers crossed for the Sugru stuff, maybe I can finally tame the spaghetti monster behind the TV!

  26. All fab prizes but I am most looking forward to the Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga Candle, as I may have a little candle obsession and the bodyclock would change my life.

  27. We know someone who would be most excited by the Trolls bedding, but I would like to try the Lumie clock most.

  28. Ooooh I’ve wanted one of the Lumie body clocks for ages to help me wake up feeling a bit more refreshed!

  29. The Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils, I’ve wanted one for ages so fingers crossed

  30. The Trolls bedding bundle from Character world! The minature monkey shoulder whiskey would make a nice addition to a Christmas gift for a fair few people this year! xx

  31. Definitely the Lumie Body clock as my daughter suffers terribly in the darker days and nights. They are just so expensive for either of us to afford one right now, so I’m praying I can win one for her…Thanks so much for this amazing chance x

  32. Trolls Bedding Bundle from Character World inc Single Duvet Set, Cushion & Poncho Towel for my daughter 🙂

  33. Ooooh, very hard as it’s all so lovely….but the soap I think as I never think to treat myself to anything that gorgeous!

  34. The Lumie Iris Bodyclock i would love to gift it to my hubby, he’s so grumpy in a morning 🙂

  35. The English soap company winter village set sounds lush so I would be most looking forward to that

  36. I like the sound of the Lumie Iris Bodyclock. Anything that would make getting up in the morning easier sounds great to me.

  37. The Lumie Iris Bodyclock with Essential oils sounds fantastic. I find it really difficult to switch off. We have something on every day in December on top of me having to plan and host all the festivities myself. I am hoping to plan in the odd hour of relaxation because I know I will get overwhelmed. I have also tried to preplan things. Like buying things in advance then there is no last minute rush for things like bin bags when the shops are busy. When our schools were closed, last week, for industrial action, I got the kids to write their class Christmas cards.

    I hope you keep well. Everybody needs a break!!!

  38. It is an amazing bundle but I would be overjoyed for the Lumie light especially as I suffer S.A.D

  39. I love the look of the Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils. I stress loads and this would be amazing to help me relax and wake up better 🙂 amazing giveaway thanks for the chance xx

  40. A fantastic hamper of goodies. I like the Lumie clock this would be great for getting me up in the mornings.

  41. The Jewellery gift voucher so I can treat myself to some nice festive jewellery. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway.

  42. Ooh the spiced ginger sounds perfect for winter nights in, that would definitely be reserved for me!

  43. Would it be bad to say the wine? Lol.
    I love to try new wines. With so many out there each one is a new and Exciting taste! 🙂

  44. I would love the Lumie for myself – have wanted one for ages to see if it would improve my sleep/energy levels though I know a little girl who would choose the Troll bedding!

  45. I am most excited about the Lumie. I have wanted one for soooo long and now they come with essential oil capabilities even better 🙂

  46. All of the prizes look amazing but I’m most excited about number 11 “fun added surprises” because who doesn’t love a surprise?!!

    1. I’ve tried to pick some useful things, some fun things and just make sure you’ll have a good festive mix in there. Hopefully they’ll be lovely surprises to round it all off. Good luck

    1. I use my Lumie everyday, so much the batteries in my remote have run out and waiting for the replacements to arrive seems like forever, it’s next day delivery on Prime, but still, the wait is killing me 😉

  47. The English Soap Company Winter Village set inc Gift Bar Soap, Guest Soap and Soy Candle ~ like the sound of this one.

    1. Once you start using Sugru you’ll never go back. I have fixed so many things with it and create easy ways to keep my wires tangle free and made little hooks. It is amazing. It’s a household essential for me now

  48. Some really great stuff’s included in this fab prize. I think the Lumie Bodyclock is my favourite – always wanted one.

  49. I must admit I am most excited about the Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils..what a FAB prize!!

  50. Oh now that is sooooo hard as it is all wonderful but ive always wanted a Lumie Iris Bodyclock so that will be what i go for, thank you for hosting such a wonderful competition x

  51. The English Soap Co goodies! Plus the added surprises from you because I love a good surprise 🙂

  52. It all sounds fab but I think the Lumie would be my favourite item in the hamper; I’ve wanted one of these for ages!xx

  53. Trolls Bedding Bundle from Character World inc Single Duvet Set, Cushion & Poncho Towel are my favourite, My daughter phoebe is totally troll mad!

  54. Everything sounds great! I think I love the sound of the Lumi Clock the best, thanks so much for the chance! 🙂 x

  55. I would most love the Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils it would really help me in the dark early mornings.

  56. Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils would be a lovely gift – just right for my daughter who has trouble sleeping

  57. Everthing in the hamper sounds great but the Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils sounds amazing!!

  58. The Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils & my daughter would love the Trolls Bedding Bundle from Character World inc Single Duvet Set,Cushion & Poncho Towel

  59. I can’t help but be excited by all of it- it’s a whopping prize! I would love to try out the Lumie bodyclock but Sugru products are really innovative so that’s quite intriguing.

  60. I am rather liking the Bottle of Great Uncle Cornelius’ Famous Spiced Ginger and would love it warm

  61. The lumie body clock, after years of getting up at 5 am and never needing a alarm clock due to my lovely daughter who didn’t sleep past 5am I now have to literally drag myself out of bed in the morning after she now sleeps much better at almost 10 years old

  62. The Lumie Iris Body clock and mio skincare 🙂 Fantastic giveaway – Thanks the chance – Good luck everyone 🙂

  63. i would love the Lumie Iris Bodyclock with essential oils as im really intrigued to see how it works 🙂

  64. The Lumie – I already have a Lumie and love it, but mine doesn’t have an oil diffuser built in to it. If I won this, my existing Lumie would be consigned to the guest bedroom!

  65. Tough choice but the
    5.Trolls Bedding Bundle from Character World inc Single Duvet Set, Cushion & Poncho Towel

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