Amazing Moccasins from Wolfie + Willow

We have been lucky enough to work with Wolfie +Willow, reviewing a pair of their super stylish leather moccasins.

Wolfie + Willow are a fabulous brand from the people behind Inch Blue  makers of soft leather shoes, beautiful gifts sets and amazing sheepskin booties for babies.

Wolfie+Willow Moccasins - Mohawk Saxon
Wolfie+Willow Moccasins – Mohawk Saxon

The moccasins are all hand-stitched in the Wolfie + Willow factory in Wales and are made using eco leather, they come in sizes suitable from birth up to 6 years old and the little moccasins are super soft and allowing your children to feel the ground beneath them, helping them learn naturally. They are designed for indoor use and light outdoor use, so running round the garden in the summer they will be able to feel really close to nature but you don’t have to worry about them stepping on a thorn.

Wolfie+Willow Moccasins in the box
Wolfie+Willow Moccasins in the box

They are designed to last, in sizes fitting for up to 6 months when they are little and up to a year as they get older.

I love the great range of colours and the sweet styles and I have to admit the packaging is also amazing, I know such things shouldn’t sway me, but I love it when the whole package is well thought through.

I went for the lovely Mohawk in Saxon, size wise I went for the 2-3yrs and I’m very please with the fit. L is 2yrs 5 months, so right in the middle of that age bracket and with feet growing at a rate of knots I needed something that fitted him nicely now but still had growing room left in them and these fit that bill. There is some nice toe room left but every where else the fit a treat, obviously leather gives as well, so these will form around his feet and grow a little if needed.

Just getting comfortable
Just getting comfortable

I can’t describe to you just how soft the leather is, so squishy and smooth, the are easy to pop on and off as well, with a little bit of elastic at each side keeping the fit nice.

My little boy doesn’t like to wear shoes or slippers inside, or socks for that matter. In his little mind shoes are only necessary to be allowed outside, the same as wellies are only acceptable if he can jump in puddles. This all means that he forever has cold feet and is getting upset when he stands on things, like when he purposefully pours his water from his cup onto the floor then stands in it or when he spits food onto the floor again purposefully, and stands in it. This is all devastating to a two year old.

Super soft and super comfortable
Super soft and super comfortable

So shoes so soft they barely even notice they are wearing them appeal to me, a lot.

L loves them! He looks fabulous in them, of course. They are fab for running about the house in, for wearing when he’s at nursery and for playing in the garden, well not on day’s like today, today it is raining and horrible, but on the lovely dry days they are perfect and it make it so much easier for me when I don’t have to wrestle another pair of shoes onto him.

Super chilled
Super chilled

I’m so in love with these little moccasins that if they made them bigger I would wear them myself!

Disclosure – were gifted our moccasins in exchange for an honest review

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