book review - and the little one said

And the Little One Said by Elizabeth Coffey

A true life take of one woman’s multiple bereavements and of how she coped in the face of extreme grief – a book to comfort, encourage and inspire all those who have lost loved ones.

I don’t know how I could easily sum this book up myself, other than to say it’s beautifully sad and uplifting, I cried and I laughed and whilst reading it we suffered our own loss in the family and I found this book a real comfort.

book review - and the little one said

This book is Liz’s memoir, the youngest of 8 children we are taken through the series of events that left only her and her brother, none of her other siblings made it past their sixties. We also see how she dealt with the loss of both parents.

It’s heartbreaking to read how medical mismanagement, mental health, accidents and illness all seemed to stack up against this one family. It’s beautiful to see how they all come together in different ways and different times to handle it all. Not everything goes to plan and but everything is perfect, far from it, but this is real life and that is what keeps you reading. 

Honestly at times you start to hope it is a work of fiction, because that would make it easier.

book review - and the little one said

My emotions about my own loss were at points summed up by the experiences of others in the book and how everyone in Elizabeth’s family dealt with each experience so differently. I can see that within my own family and how we’ve all had very different experiences of the same event, because we’ve all led very different lives and had very different relationships. It was nice to know I wasn’t alone.

I would recommend this book to anyone. It’s a million miles from my usual crime thriller but I loved every second and couldn’t put it down, I looked forward to every moment I got to spend reading it and was sad when it finished.

Available from bookshops and internet booksellers in paperback and ebook formats RRP £12.99. Head to for more information. 

Disclosure – I was gifted my copy of this book. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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