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Angela Langford Bloom & Glow Face Oil – Review

How would you describe your skin type? It’s a simple question. The answers are usually dry, oily, combination. When I was asked this my response was ‘neglected’. As that is the honest truth. I am tired, so ridiculously busy and as a result my skin is neglected, so it was decided the best product for me to try out from Angela Langford’s beautiful range was the Bloom & Glow Face Oil. 

Angela Langford Bloom & Glow
Beautifully packaged

The Angela Langford range is all organic and very natural. Angela was a Masterchef Finalist in 2014 and has taken that passion for cooking, to create the range by using top quality ingredients. I even got a recipe card with my delivery so that whilst the Bloom & Glow Face il was helping my skin on the outside, I can feed it from the inside too.

The service you will get when ordering from Angela Langford is brilliant. She runs an excellent Skincare Sample Service, you can get samples worth £12, so you can find which products work best for you, and you only have to pay P&P. Plus you’ll get a 15% off voucher. When you do find that product you love and order a full size product you get samples as well, helping you explore the range further. Both helpful and generous.

But what did I think of my face oil? Well, simply put, I love it.

It smells great, I know that shouldn’t really come into it, but it does. The oil is a beautiful orange colour and you simply massage two drops into your skin each evening before bed and then you can add a drop of oil to your daily moisturiser in the morning as well if you want.

Angela Langford Bloom & Glow
My miracle oil

Other that being neglected my skin is dry. Dry and dull. So Bloom & Glow certainly sounded perfect for me. I love that it is quick and easy to use, I love that it is natural and organic and I love what it has done to my skin. It has just given it a bit of life. I’m no beauty blogger, I’m looking for a fast fix, something that is easy t use and does what it says it will.

By just massaging in a couple of drops every evening and in the mornings whenever I think about moisturising, I’ve gone from skin that was dry and a bit flaky and looking grey and tired. I honestly think I had a grey tinge to me! My skin is smoother, far better balanced with no more dry patches and it looks healthier that grey tinge is gone. I’ve still got bags under my eyes, though not as bad actually, but no product in the world is going to make up for me not getting enough sleep.

At £20.50 it’s not a cheap product. However, I don’t think it’s massively expensive either. Because you are only using a few drops a day it is going to last for ages. It is also incredibly good quality. The oil is jam-packed with ingredients to help your skin, vitamin E, Q10, evening primrose and rosehip to name but a few.  Angela Langford Bloom & Glow

So now I’ve added this tiny and quick bit of skin care to my evening routine and I’m trying to pop it into my morning routine, I feel less neglected and my skin is thanking me. I’m going to try to get better than just a cleansing wipe and bed!

I really want to try the Angel Eyes oil, for my poor tired eyes and the luggage underneath them. The Freshen Up tonic sounds amazing as well.

Not only will you be getting great products from Angela, you’ll get brilliant service too. With everything beautifully gift wrapped. A treat from the second you receive it.

I’m very impressed and my skin is too

Disclosure – I received my product in return for my honest review.

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