Animal Jam Toys

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Hopefully you saw the Animal Jam Twitter Party I helped host a few weeks back, well since then L has been sent a bundle of the toys to play with and guess what? He loves them! He’s always asking to play with his nanimals.

Animal Jam Toys
Animal Jam Toys

In case you don’t know much about Animal Jam, I certainly didn’t until recently. It’s an online game for kids that has been made with National Geographic. You get to collect animals, decorate their houses, change how they appear, play games and find out loads about the Animal Kingdom.

The parental controls are awesome, plus on top of the parental controls the game does not tolerate any form of bullying or general meanness and it’s super easy for kids to report it. As well as the desktop version there are also apps you can download.

Mummy and son day
L and Whalla on the way to swimming 

L loves the game. He’s too young to play it by himself but he sits on my lap and tells me what to do and I do all the controls. He loves finding the animals and really enjoys watching all the movie clips, especially the Whale one.

Now there has been a whole range of toys released to complement the game. From little pocket money collectables to larger, but still in my mind inexpensive gifts. All the toys come with a code for the online game. L’s codes have unlocked extra Gems which are the free online currency, a pet which he was very excited about and even a hat for his character.

Animal Jam Toys
Animal Jam Toys

As for the toys themselves, well they have been a major hit. To the extent that one day last week, his adored and much loved Gerry Giraffe was left at home in favour of his new Animal Jam Koala who is called Whalla.  Even the girls at nursery were completely shocked by this. The soft toys are super cute though.

He loves the models, especially the ones that come with light up rings. He now walks round wearing these oversized plastic rings and insists on having all the lights turned off. But the rings light up a special pattern on the toy it came with.

Ready for 'little sleep'
L & Whalla ready for ‘little sleep’

I think the little collectable Adopt A Pets are his favourite though. You get a little house and inside is a ‘pet’ there are nearly 100 to collect and you don’t know what you’ll get. Each little animal comes with a teeny tiny accessory and  little water bowl. So L likes to take each one out of it’s house, feed it and then put it back to bed. They are super small though, so he cannot play with them by himself.

I have to admit, the more I have been playing this with him the more addicted I have got. Sad I know. But I’m now pretty obsessed with this game.

Animal Jam Toys
Animal Jam Toys

You can buy the toys from Argos, The Entertainer, Smyths Toys and more.

Disclosure – L was sent his toys in return for our honest review.

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