April Crafts

I love to craft, really love it, but like many of my hobbies it has been put on the back burner since becoming a mum. Just like reading, looking presentable and using the bathroom by myself.

I’m lucky enough that I get to work with Baker Ross regularly so I’m never out of fun crafts to do with the boy and I also make things for the Hobbycraft blog quite often, every now and then I get asked to things for other companies as well. I relish these opportunities as it means I get to do something I love, but it’s never just for me, which I miss. 

So I joined in with #CraftNight hosted by the wonderful New Mummy Blog and I’ve been spending Thursday evenings just doing my own thing which I love and I’m eternally grateful for as without her I’d have never done it and it turns out I really needed it. It is a guaranteed one night off work a week, hurrah!

So my crafts for April, well it’s been busy, really busy! As well as all the crafts, there’s been a lot of stationery fun but that’s not technically a craft, or is it, colouring in is like painting, hmmm. Well I’ve decided not to included stationery activities or this post would be too long.

I’ve done a few fun bits with Baker Ross, check out my post here.

Our Baker Ross Delivery
Our Baker Ross Delivery

I created a Shabby Chic Wedding Tree with Rust-Oleum, if you fancy making one for yourself here’s my post.

How to make a wedding tree
How to make a wedding tree – beautiful

I’ve agreed my next set of Hobbycraft projects although I won’t start them until Monday which will be May and you won’t see them on the Hobbycraft blog until closer to Father’s Day as that is what they are for, so if you think you’ll need ideas of things to make you’ll know where to go.

L and I gave the latest kids kit from Jeweltailor a test drive which was lots of fun and the weather was great so we got to craft outdoors. Jewellery making with kids is actually really easy, you can read that post here.

Making his patterns
Making his patterns

I’ve also been working on my cross stitch during #CraftNight, I have now actually finished all the criss stitching and half stitches and have started on the back stitching, so I’ve made real progress. It has been really therapeutic and so much fun.

My Cross Stitch Project
Final details started

Let’s look forward to a Crafty May!!

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