Aquabeads Review

We recently received an Aquabeads New Beginners Studio. I was really looking forward to this, it struck me as an easier version of the beads I used to have to get my mum to iron for me when I was a kid. I didn’t know how L would get on with them though. 

What you get in the box. Loads of beads, bead pen, templates, spray bottle and bead peeler

When I opened up the box I was immediately struck by how handy the storage box is. Keeping all the beads separated and tidy, space for what you have made and the accessories and templates as well as being the board you make everything on.

I think L was a little upset he didn’t have enough coloured beads to fill each section, but I thought you got a great range for starter kit.

A few of our creations (I say ours as L made the dog then wandered off but I was till having fun)

I was surprised how immediately interested he was, asking to make the dog, then a crown and of course a giraffe. I loved how he grasped the idea so quickly. Sure, it’s not a hard idea, but the beads are small and I thought he would get frustrated and give up. L is not a patient boy, nor calm. He doesn’t like to follow instructions, he likes to go his own way.

That concentration

But I popped him down with the Aquabeads and I could just see him concentrating n getting everything in the right place. You get a little hollow pen type thing, which you press on top of the beads to pick them up until it is full. There is the a little button that drops them down where you want. The board you make them on is just full of little divots that hold the beads n the right place until they are dry. It was brilliant to watch L just trying so hard. Yeah there were times he got frustrated, but this is a new skill for him and he’s learning so well.

Spraying the beads with water to make them stick

He loved spraying the water on the beads to make them stick together. He wasn’t so great at waiting for them to dry though! The kid just kept on spraying more water. Eventually I had to put everything out of reach to give his creations a chance.

When everything was dry I used the supplied tool to remove them from the board. I liked how well everything stuck together and that they make quite solid little trinkets.

I love these!

L loves to make a ‘prize’ for his Daddy for he gets home from work, so these are perfect. We can sit down and make a little car or a cake. Wait for it to dry and then he gives it to his daddy. Perfect.

It’s a great way for us to fill some of those rainy summer days. I’ll definitely be topping the kit up.

The only thing I don’t like is that the water spray bottle doesn’t seem to fit inside the storage box. That’s all.

Disclosure – we received our set in return for an honest review.

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