Articulate – Review and Competition

We might be a bit behind the times but we have only just found Articulate! from Drumond Park. Of course I had heard of it but we had never played it so I was very excited to get the chance to review it, I’m just as excited to have a copy to give away to one lucky reader.


The husband and I enjoy a good board game, we really do, it’s something a bit different to do of an evening. It means the TV and tech is put to one side for a bit, it means we converse, often laugh, sometimes bicker and generally have fun.

Board games are great for when you have guests over too and whenever we go on holiday they are an absolute must. We often holiday with my sister and her partner so the board game antics can get quite competitive, well between the boys, my sister and I are just in it for the laughs, plus we are an awesome team that cannot be beaten!

You see my sister and I can have conversations that go along the lines of ‘did you see that programme the other day’, ‘oh the one with thingummy in?’, ‘yeah that’s the one, good wasn’t it?’ and know exactly what we mean which translates into our game play. Picture charades and me standing straight up with my arms pointed to the ceiling, Eiffel Tower of course. Or my sister making a small blob, with three larger blobs attached to it out of modelling clay, blatantly a bumble bee. This drives the boys crazy.

Articulate! is for 4 – 20 players, although we did mess with the rules to make a fun two player game as well, aged 12+. It is fast paced, fun and funny. You have to describe, act or gesticulate as many words as you can, without actually saying the word, all before the timer runs out.

Games night
Games night

It had us crying with laughter at points. Particularly when the husb was trying to get me to guess the word ‘Naval’ which he described as ‘part of your nose’, what was he thinking! Needless to say I didn’t get it. Although I’m not one to speak as when he was describing the word ‘Aquarium’ which he very correctly said I would find at the Sealife centre and also told me was a large enclosure for fish to live in and yet more brilliant clues, I could only come up with fish tank. It also became quite apparent that I have no geography knowledge whatsoever, seriously, none.

In the box you get loads of cards with word options, the board, instructions, place markers, a spinner and a timer. Just in case you were wondering if your toddler sucks on the timer to the extent that he actually manages to get the sand inside wet and congealed, if you leave it in the airing cupboard for 24 hours it’ll be good as new, full of handy hints aren’t I?!

Articulate! is going to keep us entertained for years to come, it is definitely coming on our next family holiday and is honestly just perfect for when you have a few friends over. At £32.99 it is fairly priced and I like that if you have been playing it for years and know all the card options you can buy extra Articulate! cards to keep the fun going and going.


There is also a kids version for ages 6+ which is a nice idea if you have younger kids and all want to play the same game.

Very excitingly Drumond Park have given me an Articulate! Board Game to giveaway, all you have to do is enter your details in the app below.


If you can’t wait for the competition to get your hands on a copy or you want to find out more you can find everything you need on the Drumond Park website, or why not find them on Twitter or Facebook?

Disclosure – we were gifted our Articulate! Board Game in exchange for our honest review

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