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Boxcitement Animal Magic

I have already been lucky enough to review a couple of the Boxcitement Subscription Boxes and I loved them, so I was more than happy to take a peak at the Animal Magic Box they sent out last month.

If you missed my previous reviews Boxcitement is a subscription box service that sends you a letterbox friendly box filled with lovely things, designed to excite, perfect for people who love to give gifts and receive them too, with cards, stationery, jewellery, the cute and the kitsch.

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Delicious Meals using Hari Ghotra Curry Kits

As a treat before I started my detox I made up one of Husb and mine favourite curry’s a Goan Fish Curry, using one of the kits Hari Ghotra kits.

Biryani Kit
Biryani Kit

Hari specialises in North Indian cuisine with the aim to simplify recipes without losing their authenticity. The kits are filled with all the dry ingredients like spices, pastes and lentils that you will need and there are loads to choose from so there is bound to be a curry kit for you. The kits are priced at £3.50 which is great value and you don’t need to add to many other ingredients. Each kit is linked to a video on Hari’s website so you can follow the online tutorial if you want. I chose just to use the easy instructions that came in the kit.  Continue reading Delicious Meals using Hari Ghotra Curry Kits

Feeling Calm #13

For my birthday I was given a great new book ‘Calm’ and a journal from my friends to help me find some calm in my life and to de-stress a little. I have been writing in my journal everyday and on Wednesday’s I go through the daily highlights I’ve written down and pick out my 10 favourites. 

This is me at the weekend, my before picture, lets hope
This is me! 

For me this week has been a bit of a mixed bag, on one hand I’m feeling great having lost some weight and taking positive steps to getting a bit more active and healthier, on the other I’ve been feeling quite anxious and stressed about work with new jobs coming in and concerns about existing ones it’s left me feeling unsettled and out of balance. It has been really therapeutic to pick my 10 moments from this week.

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This Plus That Equals…. #7

This plus that equals…. how to rock being a toddler

Here’s the latest instalment in my series of posts all about what makes our lives here at home tick. This week I thought I’d share some of the ways my son has got being a two year old down to a fine art shudders

Playing golf is just one way to rock toddlerhood
Playing golf is just one way to rock toddlerhood

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Project Bridesmaid #3

So in about a year I am going to be a bridesmaid for my little sister. This is just the kind of goal I need to start losing some weight and getting healthier, which all ties in nicely with my quest to be a calmer, happier and healthier person.

This is me at the weekend, my before picture, lets hope
This is me at the weekend, my before picture, lets hope

I have decided to vlog about my journey as that will give me a visual reminder of where I’ve been and where I am and as it’s something that makes me rather uncomfortable it will also help to keep me in check. Plus it’s always good to push yourself.

During my journey I will be getting to try all kinds of new products and sharing my experiences of them with you. Continue reading Project Bridesmaid #3

March Crafts

I love to craft, really love it, but like many of my hobbies it has been put on the back burner since becoming a mum. Just like reading, looking presentable and using the bathroom by myself.

I’m lucky enough that I get to work with Baker Ross regularly so I’m never out of fun crafts to do with the boy and I also make things for the Hobbycraft blog quite often, every now and then I get asked to things for other companies as well. I relish these opportunities as it means I get to do something I love, but it’s never just for me, which I miss.  Continue reading March Crafts

Things to Know About Working from Home #4

Managing time is crucial  

When I started blogging two years ago the aim was to help me find a way, any way, to stay at home. I tried a few different things, took a few courses and found myself working as a Social Media Manager. I was able to leave my admin job and am now officially self employed. I thought I would start sharing some of the things I have learnt along the way.

I work from home, have a toddler to contend with and would like to pretend I have a social life, or at least the potential for one, so I have to be organised. Ridiculously so! So I make lists, lots of them, here are just a few of my list tips.

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Win with Kidsme, Baby Feeding Experts

Kidsme is a brilliant, fun and functional brand specialising in getting babies trying new tastes and textures safely.

Icy Moo Moo Teether
Icy Moo Moo Teether

With a whole host of amazing products you’ll be spoilt for choice and they are all so useful, with everything from soothers to toys, bottle feeding to toddler feeding all designed around little ones development everyone will be happy.  Continue reading Win with Kidsme, Baby Feeding Experts

A Winner with Actipatch

Have you heard of ActiPatch? It’s amazing, I’ve been using it for nearly two years now. It is great for parents who have bad backs from wrestling with squirmy babies and toddlers, superb for sporty types and all those muscular injuries, in fact it’s great for everyone.

It is a drug-free device that uses electromagnetic pulse therapy to stimulate nerves to repair, so can’t be used when pregnant, but pretty much anyone else is good to go and priced at £19.99, which is a lot cheaper than painkillers when you consider this will last for up to 720 hours! Continue reading A Winner with Actipatch

Win Your Own Piece of Cartoon Art

There are hundreds of pieces of art to choose from at, where visitors can purchase iconic and original pieces from the archives of Britain’s foremost comic publisher DC Thomson.Popeye & Olive Oyl

In addition to prints from Popeye, Asterix and Betty Boop you can choose from cheeky Dennis the Menace, Desperate Dan, Minnie the Minx and Beril the Peril, Lord Snooty and the Bash Street Kids and the ever sexy Betty Boop, plus many many more. Continue reading Win Your Own Piece of Cartoon Art