Avoalre Athletic Socks

Avoalre Athletic Socks

With all the festivities that have been occuring in the house I thought it was time to sort the husband out with a little something to review. Despite the dark, cold and wet conditions that have come with the changing seasons he still loves to go for a run in the morning but it can be a struggle to find a decent sports sock for him. So he’s been trying out the Avoalre Athletic Socks.

Avoalre Athletic Socks

Socks should be a fairly easy thing to get right, but when it comes to running he’s found it tricky. They aren’t elastic enough so slip as he runs. They leave his feet too hot or too cold. Some just plain and simple are not comfortable, with seams in the wrong places or just randomly rubbing up blisters. I can be a struggle to find ones he really likes.

So far he is getting on well with the Avoalre Socks, they are made using Coolmax a high-tech fiber fabric and also contain Lycra, cotton and nylon. They are soft, breathable and most importantly very comfortable. There is no rubbing, being breathable his feet stay a nice temperature and there is great cushioning Breathable, comfortable, soft, perfect elasticity and excellent cushioning.

When he got them out of the box his initial thought was that they felt a little tight, but on wearing them he was soon won over, they aren’t tight at all, they hug his feet and then they do not move, but he isn’t left with that ring around his legs that is caused by tight sock cuffs, because the design means they fit his feet all over and aren’t just being held up by a tight top section.

Avoalre Athletic Socks

The fit is what really sells them, you get a good choice of sizes so you can the right fit for you. It’s not just a one size fits all as you often get with adult socks. They are even fitted correctly for your right and left feet, though when he’s heading out for a run first thing in the morning and it’s dark he is often putting them on the wrong feet and having to swap them! It’s worth it for the arch support and the shock absorption strip being in the right place, they are just very comfortable socks.

Starting at £17.99 for three pairs of socks they are at the upper end of what he would normally consider, but now that he’s used them he wouldn’t go back. They wash up a treat and just do exactly what you need them to do.

They are available from Amazon and I have a 5% off discount code for my readers, just use LMDQCOCZ at checkout. (Expiry date: 31-12-2021)

Disclosure – we were gifted our socks. All thoughts, opinions and images are our own.

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