This year I've gone for a new Avoalre Light Up Christmas Wreath.

Avoalre Christmas Wreath – Review

I hope it’s not too early to start writing about Christmas, because I’m about to! I love Christmas, I love the lights, I love the food, I love the feelings it brings and I love decorating. Each year try to get something new, something extra, just slipping a bit more into the house without the husband really noticing! This year I’ve gone for a new Avoalre Light Up Christmas Wreath.

This year I've gone for a new Avoalre Light Up Christmas Wreath.

I was unsure how I felt about another wreath, I usually make a fresh one for the front door every year. A few of us go together to a local florist who runs wreath making sessions and I really enjoy that and I love the look of a fresh wreath on the front door. I also have a few in the house as well that I have made over the years, so we end up with a wreath on nearly every door, internal and external that the house has to offer! I do believe there is never too much when it comes to Christmas decor though. So I when I saw this I thought it would be excellent, I can either hang in on the front door if for whatever reason I’m unable to make my usual wreath making session or I can have it indoors, it’s suitable either way.

Avoalre Wreath

When the Avoalre Wreath was delivered I was impressed with the packaging, a simple cardboard box, but strong enough to be used again and again and just the right size for the wreath. Not one of those ones you can never fit anything back into once it’s removed, or worse, something way too big for what it is designed to hold. It means it’s going to be easy to store the wreath for the rest of the year. It also meant it got delivered safe and sound. There’s even a couple of cable ties in the box to help you display it. I already have a hook in place, but it was too thick for the hanging loop on the back of the wreath, so a quick cable tie to make a bigger hanging loop was actually really useful.

This year I've gone for a new Avoalre Light Up Christmas Wreath.

The lights are battery operated, two AAs so nice and easy, they don’t come in the box but we always have some in the house. The switch is on the back, a simple on and off. It is worth noting that although the switch box says timer on it, this wreath doesn’t actually have a timer function, it’s just a generic battery and switch box that has been used.

The wreath looks great, there are plenty of decorations and a quick play after you get it out of the box to fluff up all the pine needles and decorations leaves it looking full and festive. I like the simple red and gold decorations with the natural pinecones. Even the plastic Merry Christmas motif looks really nice when it is hung. There are 40 LED lights which twinkle away and I am really happy with how it all looks. At around 40cm across it’s a great size too.

This year I've gone for a new Avoalre Light Up Christmas Wreath.

It’s fair to say it’s not the cheapest wreath ever, but I’ve had Avoalre products before and always been happy with the quality and how well they have lasted so I know that’s not a worry and having had a quick look at similar items they either don’t come with as many lights or seem a bit sparse on the decoration front, not as many baubles or berries. So overall I would be happy to recommend this to anyone looking for a little something extra for their Christmas decorations this year.

Disclosure – I was gifted my wreath, however, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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