avoalre christmas lights

Avoalre Outdoor Christmas Lights

I love Christmas. I love decorating the house. I love the warm fuzzy feeling I get seeing other peoples decorations or meandering around garden centres to look at their amazing displays. I love the christmas lights twinkling away in peoples gardens. Just generally the whole season makes me very happy.

I love decorating for Christmas and having battery powered lights this year will make it easier

Despite always enjoying other people’s outside displays we didn’t have lights of our own outside until only a few years ago. It took a combination of badgering the husband until he was worn down, an expiring gift card and January sales to buy our first set of lights. Nothing fancy just a trail of twinkling lights we run along the edge of the roof each year, but they are now an integral part of our decorating and it makes me smile everytime I arrive home and see them glistening in the dark.

I’ve been wanting to add to the display for quite some time, but it’s one thing having a cable running through the window straight up the side of the house to having one trail all the way across the front lawn to get some of the bushes joining in the festivities. So I’ve not pushed the subject.

Christmas lights even look pretty in the rain

This year we have been sent Avoalre Waterproof Battery Powered Lights. A 40m string of 300 LED lights, all run by three AA batteries. You still get multiple display options, twinkling, flashing, fading and more. You still get a timer function, so that they will automatically run for 8 hours when it’s dark and then turn themselves off for the next 16 hours. You basically get everything you would expect from mains run lights but without the drama of having to get a power supply to them.

I was worried they wouldn’t be very bright or that the batteries would drain quickly but thanks to a half term holiday and halloween mishap we were left without a lit pumpkin on the big night and so, with these lights literally just having been delivered we filled our pumpkin with them, ran them round the treat bowl so kiddies could see to grab their sweets and we headed off out to do our own trick or treating.

You get so many lights and I can’t believe you can still see them lit up even when against my camera flash!

The lights were bright and I loved how easy it was to select the different light modes, we went for the chasing flash mode as I felt it drew more attention to our hastily assembled display, the lights remained just as bright when we eventually arrived home. Now obviously I haven’t had a chance to test them out for a longer period of time just yet, but they have already exceeded my expectations.

I’m looking forward to the 1st when I will my Avoalre lights set up outside for real, adding to our festive home and decorating the garden with ease.

There is a simple button on the battery pack to choose between the different modes. It is so easy to use.

We also have a Christmas Tree topper from Avoalre I’m very excited about getting to use this year. I cannot wait to get decorating but I will try to hold off until the first weekend in December, try!

Disclosure – we were gifted our lights. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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