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B Organic Skincare – Review

I always feel torn when I do a skincare review, as generally I am actually rubbish at caring for myself, skin included. Everyone and everything else comes first. The B Organic Skincare range sounded so amazing I just couldn’t say no. B Organic

B Organic Skincare have a great range for kids and adults. The products are 100% organic, vegan, suitable for sensitive skin and eczema. I loved the simple ideas and clean products.

To help me get ready for summer they sent me their Soothing Foot Balm and Hydrating Face Cream. In theory this would mean I could show my feet in flip flops and just stop my face from peeling away as it tries to when I see a bit of sun, it’s like it dries instantly!B Organic

The Hydrating Face Cream is lovely. It is genuinely unscented, not like some creams that have that very specific unscented scent. You all think I’m crazy now don’t you, hopefully you know what I mean. It also manages to be thick and have a luxurious feel whilst being instantly absorbed.

Without sounding like too much of an idiot, though I fear that ship has sailed, my skin feels happier as soon as it is applied. You get instant results and it’s a pleasure to use.

The bottle is really cool as well, I know it has no bearing on the actual performance of the face cream, but I enjoy the twist action to get the pump to pop up.

£25.00 for 30mlB Organic

The Soothing Foot Balm is amazing! A little goes a long way and it smells divine.

I’m on my feet all the time so my feet are sore and tired, my heels shouldn’t see the light of day. Thus far I had found two things that worked, beach holidays and constantly being barefoot in the sand and also a lovely Australian Foot Balm. Both of which are prohibitively expensive.

This all natural balm uses olive wax, Shea butter, vitamin E , rosehip, peppermint and tea-tree essential oils. With tea-tree being antiseptic and antifungal it helps with things like athlete’s foot, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.  The peppermint not only provides the main scent but helps to reduce muscle fatigue.

It’s a pleasure to use.

£14.00 for 60mlB Organic

Having tried these two products I would definitely look at using more of the B Organic products.

Disclosure – I was gifted my products in exchange for an honest review.

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