Back to School with Rubik’s

We love Rubik’s in our house and were very jealous earlier in the year when he got sent some of the Rubik’s Junior animal puzzles, so to level the playing field a bit we’ve been sent a classic puzzle and a 2×2 version of the classic for kids, to help get us ready for school. There was also another animal puzzle for L so he didn’t feel left out. Rubik's

L got straight in with the puzzles, he has learnt from playing with the animals what is expected of him and I think about 20 seconds had elapsed before I realised I was never, ever, going to be able to solve the puzzles. Not that it has stopped me trying though!

The main idea of getting the puzzles in the lead up to the new school term was a bit of brain training. Getting the kids completing the puzzles and getting them focused on something ready for the new school year.Rubik's

I have found the puzzles to have a very different and unexpected use in run up to the new term. You see not only is it a new school year, for L it is his first school year, he starts school on Monday. Three days left at home with me. I am freaking out. Honestly, I’m not handling it well at all.

There have been plenty of tears and utterly irrational thoughts and I have found just sitting trying to solve my Rubik’s Cube has been incredibly calming, so much so I think they should be given to all parents ready for that back to school season. They are like adult fidget spinners, only they are way more fun and not at all pointless, unlike actual fidget spinners which I still just do not ‘get’.Rubik's

The classic 3×3 cube has become my nemesis, everytime I think I might be getting somewhere I lose it again.

But what of the 2×2 cube, the supposedly easy kids version of the frustratingly brilliant puzzle. Pah, easier! It’s still impossible and has strangely disappeared from the house. Husb has nabbed it to take to work and is trying to solve it, he’s a lot closer than me with two sides all matched up, but he still can’t quite manage it.Rubik's

The Junior animals have remained as popular as ever with L and are still the only puzzles I can actually solve! Maybe I need to go back to school?! I really think they make fab back to school gifts and I love you can the puzzle that is right for you and that they have something for all ages.

Rubik's Junior

If you would like to win a Rubik’s bundle including, one of the Rubik’s Junior Animals, a Classic Rubik’s Cube and the smaller cube just pop your details into the Gleam App below. (Note, the animal will be chosen at random.)Rubik's Junior

Win a Rubik’s Prize Bundle

Disclosure – we were gifted our puzzles from Rubik’s in return for  review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own. Rubik’s are also kindly providing the prize.

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65 thoughts on “Back to School with Rubik’s”

  1. Brilliant! One of my all time favourites … The Rubiks …I Know my daughter would love it too

  2. I would love to finally try and crack a Rubik’s cube – I’ve never solved one!

  3. I would love to challenge my son to see if he can complete the Rubik’s. I used to be able to complete it myself when i was a teenager but would probably find it hard now!

  4. I love the look of the puppy one. I still have the cube from when I was a child – still never completed it, but I won’t give up!

  5. I love a good go at a rubiks cube. Although I can never actiually do them to the end lol

  6. My husband is a big Rubik’s Cube fan and this would be great to introduce our nieces and nephews

  7. This would be great to win! My son keep trying to complete the big cube and gets frustrated, he needs to start with something easier…

  8. What fun these are. I never managed to solve the adult cubes so I wonder of I could solve these? The children would love them.

  9. These look great, I’ve never managed to complete a Rubik’s cube yet but the animals look more achievable!!

  10. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  11. My kids would love this, my daughter has been wanting a Rubik’s for ages.

  12. My little ones would love this prize! I loved my Rubik’s cube as a child, even though I could never work out how to do it!

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