Barbecue Party

Barbecue Party Review & Competition

Barbecue Party from Drumond Park is the ideal game for the summer. We’ve been testing it out at home and have oneย to giveaway.

As it is aimed at ages 4+ the lovely folk at Drumond park were aware it was a little too grown up for L, but as my friends all have older kids it’s nice to have something in the house for them to play with.

Thumbs up for Barbecue Party
Thumbs up for Barbecue Party

Of course as soon as it arrived it was unpacked ready for the older ‘children’ to play with. By this I blatantly mean the husband and I, so we set it up one evening after L had gone to bed.ย 

It’s a really fun game, easy to set up, easy to play and most importantly easy to store away. In the box you get a selection of plastic barbecue foods, before you play for the first tie you just need to pop their eye’s on which come in the form of stickers. Aย set of cards with pictures of the foods on. The barbecue. Barbecue grill plate. Tongs. Instructions.


To play you push down the centre button in the barbecue, pop the grill plate on and flick the switch to on. Then you lay the cards face down and everyone turns one over, placing the item from the card on to the grill, or back off if it’s already on there. all the time waiting for the grill plate to pop off and spill the food everywhere.

It popped
It popped

Even as grown ups it’s fun to play even if it’s a little easy. It really comes into it’s own for the kids though. Watching their excitement is so contagious. L’s older friends love it and really enjoy playing it, they find the game play easy to follow and the excitement of all the food popping off keeps them entertained for ages.

Sssh mummy you made it pop
Sssh mummy you made it pop

Even L really enjoys it and takes it out from the game cupboard, asking to play. None of the pieces are too small, so I can happily let him play. He just doesn’t get the rules. At all! He enjoys picking up the food items with the tongs and putting them on the barbecue. He laughs so hard when thy all pop off and then we do it again. He has learnt new vegetable names by playing. So I can claim it’s educational.

A lot of concentration
A lot of concentration

For stockists and to play games online, visit

Barbecue Party is a really fun game and it gets a big thumbs up from us. So if you want to play here’s your chance to win your own Barbecue Party Game just enter your details into the Gleam App below.

Barbecue Party

Good luck x

Disclosure – we were gifted our review copy however all opinions are my own.

56 thoughts on “Barbecue Party Review & Competition”

  1. I would love to win this for our little girl and boy. They would love it.
    Thanks for the chance.

  2. Would love to add this to our games night bundle, great when you have grandchild to continue the games night tradition, such fun times ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. This looks like such a fun game to play with my 2 daughters! Especially whilst daddy cooks the BBQ!

  4. I would Love to win for my kids this would be so much fin to play with them now holiday are here thank You to have the chance fingers crossed

  5. my grandson Jack has asked for this game for christmas this year already, and it sure does look like fun

  6. It looks so much fun! I love games that are different from the usual board games

  7. My two grandsons love pop up games like your little son and Barbecue party looks like a game that would keep them entertained for a good few hours…so much fun!

  8. Looks perfect for keeping the kids quiet while you get on with the real BBQ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Your little boy looks like he had a really good time with it. The only worry I have with these games are managing to keep all the little pieces together. I find plastic food, animals, cars, straws etc all over the place and always under & in my sofa! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. He loves it! So far I’ve kept it all together, the veg are nice and chunky so easy to find. But I’m pretty certain there’s an entire train in my living room somewhere, can’t find it though!

  10. This looks a fun game and with the weather at the moment it may be the nearest I get to a BBQ!

  11. Heard so many great reviews on this
    It really is a fabulous fanily game and lots of fun too

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