Barracudas Camp Kit

Barracudas First Time Checklist

It’s not long until L and his friend get to check out the fun packed activities on offer at Barracudas Day Activity Camps. I’m so happy to be sending him and couldn’t be more excited to get to work with such a fun loving, child focused company.

Feeling Calm

We’ve never been before so I am obviously a bit nervous. What to bring, what to do, what to expect? It’s all new to me. So I’ve created a checklist of things to do before we go and I thought other parents in the same boat may find it useful.

Barracudas Camp Kit
Barracudas Camp Kit
  • Print and read the parent information guide. I had read it quickly immediately after making the booking with Barracudas, but I would highly recommend having a copy printed out as they have provided a brilliant list of things you need to send the kids in with and covered off thing like packed lunch options. As this guide is great I am not going to go into that side of things further, they have got it sorted.
  • Make sure you have a lunch bag and tubs. The kids need to take packed lunches and snacks. If, like me, you have young children getting free school lunches you may not actually have a lunch bag! L has a lovely large insulated bag from Trunki that he adores and gets excited about using so that is perfect, I’ve also invested in some tubs so I can pack him plenty of snacks to last through the day and a kid safe ice pack.
  • Print and complete the ‘All About Me’ bunting. When you book your days in the welcome email there are several attachments, one of which is the ‘All About Me’ bunting. I love this as the kids get involved completing it and get say what they are excited about, if they are nervous and add a little picture of themselves. It makes it really personal.
  • Complete the Essential Information form and print it. This form can all be completed from your online account but needs to be printed out and handed over with the kids on their first session. I would highly advise not leaving it until the last minute. I have had to check a few bits of information I didn’t have to hand. Like our Doctor’s actual name, we’ve been changed about so many times I had no clue, I didn’t know the surgery address either! I also needed to pull together emergency contacts and a few other bits that has left me happy that I didn’t leave it until the week before.
  • Check the dates and location. Obvious I know but I have been known to turn up to appointments on the wrong day. I’m very organised but also very busy and mistakes happen, so for your own peace of mind just double check the dates. Also check the exact location, I thought I knew exactly where our camp being held, but on checking the mao I was thinking of a school further along the same road so I’m really glad I double checked.
  • Get a lunch friendly food shop sorted. I usually shop online, so have actually started a basket with some pack lunch ready foods. But it’s worth starting to think about a shopping list and having it prepared for before they go to the camp.
  • Consider a camp kit. We have got the camp kit because we are working as Brand Ambassadors, but as it is only £25 and ticks off a few things you need to take I think it’s a really fun way to get the kids excited about their first day at camp, especially if they are a bit nervous. You get a branded T Shirt, Sports Bottle, Cap and Drawstring Bag. They’ll really feel like part of the club. I’ve been popping in the paperwork as and when I’ve completed it and know it is ready to go.
  • Label, label, label. Much like starting school you need to make sure everything is marked up with their name! Bottles, bags, lunch boxes, clothes and shoes. If they can put it down and leave it, name it. Even if you think they can’t or won’t remove it, label it!
Feeling Calm

So there we have it. My check list of things to do before we head to Barracudas for the first time. I hope you found it useful.

Disclosure – we have been gifted our Camp Kit and some free days at the camp in return for our opinion and acting as a Brand Ambassador.

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