Cleaning the car

Basic Car Care with a Little Toddler Help

Not one of my favourite jobs, not at all, but especially this time of year it is essential. Making sure my car is clean and safe. Living in a rural area like I do my car gets muddy quickly, and if you can’t see your number plate you could be getting a ticket. Not great. Simple car care really is essential.

Cleaning the car
Helping us clean the cars

Regular car washing, on top of my normal maintenance, is a priority at the moment. Thankfully washing the car is one of L’s favourite tasks. Especially if he is in charge of the hose. So it makes for oddly fun family time, time that is also productive.

Car Care
This cheeky look is why I am standing well back

Recently we have been using some great products from Armor All. The Wash and Wax is great, it saves time and leaves the car looking ace. Anyone who knows me would vouch for the fact I’m not the girl who would be waxing her car, that’s way too much like hard work! So having the Carnauba wax protection all mixed in suits me down to the ground.

Armour All Products
Armor All Products

I really like the Wheel and Tyre Cleaner too, especially coupled with the Alloy Brush, who knew the correct brush could make cleaning the wheels so much easier. We also got some Tyre Shine, which does exactly what it says, leaves the tyres all black and shiny as if they were fresh from the showroom.

Cleaning the car
It is a really fun, if a little damp, way to get some chores done

There is a huge part of me that cannot be bothered with this, my car will be grubby again within seconds so why waste my time. Then Husb was selling his car, we decided to do it privately, despite knowing it could take longer. Before the first person came to look at it he got the whole car looking fab, including the Tyre Shine, and guess what? We sold it. Straight away. Of course this isn’t down to how clean and shiny the car was, I am sure it helped though.

STP Fuel System Cleaner
STP Fuel System Cleaner

As well as trying out the cleaning products from Armor All I also tried a fuel enhancer from STP. I had never used one of these before but it was ridiculously easy, just pour into the fuel tank after you’ve filled up. I used the STP Complete Fuel System Cleaner, it’s designed to clean and protect the entire fuel system for restored performance.

Cleaning the car
Cleaning the car with a toddler means you will get soaked

I’ll be honest and say I haven’t noticed any real difference in my car’s performance, that being said there was nothing wrong with the performance in the first place. My car isn’t even 5 years old yet so I wouldn’t expect to, but honestly it won’t be doing anything other than good being in the tank and running through the system.

It is made with a special blend of high performance detergents which remove deposits from injectors, valves and combustion chambers.  It will also help reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

So if you are looking for some easy ways to keep your car in great condition I would happily recommend Armor All or STP.

Disclosure – I was sent my products in return for an honest review.

2 thoughts on “Basic Car Care with a Little Toddler Help”

  1. They really do like helping around Helps having the right safe products too.

  2. That’s cute. For me, You should expose your child to car care as young as possible. Much of the kids nowadays are useless when you need their help. Sorry for the word but really, its true.

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