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I love sending and receiving cards. I always have a stock in the house for emergencies and forgotten birthdays but as a general rule I like to pick something special for each person. Ayoma Cards have a new subscription box service that allows me to do both.

Zoe sells completely handmade and personalised greetings cards on her Etsy shop, which you should completely check out.  But she has also launched Ayoma Cards Monthly, a new monthly subscription box service for the cards and I have tried it out.

Ayoma Cards
Letter box friendly packaging

Ayoma Cards Monthly makes giving greetings cards easier and really special as subscribers are able to pre-pick the types of cards they will receive each month, and also personalise them with names and ages. No more rushing out to the shops to pick up a birthday card!

So I was ordering for September, I chose a 5 card box as I have a lot of things going on in September. Then using the simple form I chose what cards I wanted and how I wanted them personalised. I got a 60th Birthday Card for Mum, a 4th Birthday Card for L and a Thank You card for my friend Sarah (she deserves it putting up with me), a birthday card for Dad and then just a generic birthday card for my 5th card that I can keep in the emergency stash.

I love that you don’t actually get to select the designs, so they are a surprise for you when they are delivered. But also I think there is such a thing as too much choice. It was nice not to have to make a decision and just be able to trust that what would arrive would be beautiful and it really is.

Ayoma Cards
Beautifully wrapped
Your card choices are: Birthday Card (Man, Woman, Boy or Girl), Get Well Soon, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, Thank You, and for October, Happy Halloween.
You can then personalise with a name and an age if you wish. You don’t have to personalise them if you don’t want too. I didn’t with my spare birthday card and just chose to have a girls card that I could keep for an emergency.

Everything got delivered perfectly wrapped in letter box friendly packaging. It was even wrapped in tissue and made to look pretty so I felt part of the excitement I know the recipients will.

Ayoma Cards
A great selection of cards
 I love that the month before you get to choose all the personalisations so they are shipped in time and ready for you to give out the next month.
You can get a five card box from £12 a month and three card boxes start at £8 a month. Which includes P&P. For personalised cards this is such a great price and the service is spot on.
Disclosure – I was gifted my box in exchange for an honest review.

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