Behind the Scenes a Hochanda

A couple of weeks ago now I was invited to the new Hochanda studios for a behind the scenes tour and a master class crafting session with one of their presenters.

In case you’re not familiar with Hochanda, it is a TV Channel dedicated to selling crafting products. I can’t think of a craft material you can’t get from them, it’s very inclusive, which I love. So if your passion is needle craft or woodwork, or anything in between, you will be catered for. Plus because it is a TV shopping channel you get to watch these great shows demonstrating the products, filled with inspiration and handy tips.

Love, love, love these Nuvo Crystal Drops

I was very excited, I love crafting, as you know, and I had never been to any form of TV studio before. I couldn’t wait to have a nose around.

I’d reviewed a candle set from Hochanda a while ago which was brilliant and just after Christmas had looked at some of the Spectrum Noir products from Crafter’s Companion who work with Hochanda a lot too, but other than watching the odd bit here and there I didn’t know much else about them, so I was looking forward to finding out a bit more.

As soon as I arrived I met the rest of the group. All of whom were part of the craft trade. Mainly craft magazine editors and I have to say I felt completely out of my depth. I had just rocked up for a bit of a crafting jolly, not business! Thankfully everyone in my group was lovely. It was funny whilst we all introducing ourselves and they were talking about these massive publications, that I buy and enjoy, then there was little old me who just had no clue.


I know nothing about TV, publishing, or really about crafting trends, other than what I enjoy and what I feel is good quality. Whilst I love to craft, but I am a crafter and share what I know, what I think. I can tell you all about the amazing brands that are out there right now, making superb products that are great value for money, or worth spending extra on because of the quality. Or I can tell you how to get crafting with your toddler without making a mess. How to remove blue tack from the carpet and the best way to deal with a glitter explosion. But as for what’s happening round the corner, what will be popular. I have no idea and I’m happy to find out with the rest of the crafters.

Our morning started with a tour of the building. They have everything they need in one place. From the actual TV studios to the call centre taking orders.

Crafting fun

We really did get to see everything and meet so many people. It seemed like a really lovely place to work. I would certainly love to. Though I fear I would be constantly distracted by the urge to craft.

My favourite part of the tour was getting to go into the studio whilst they were filming. Everything is live so we had to be really quiet and obviously there were no phones or cameras allowed. This means I don’t have much to show you from my day I’m afraid.

As Hochanda have only recently moved to this new building, they were working in what will be the second studio. The main one isn’t finished yet but we got to have a look and even half finished it is amazing! It will be such a treat for everyone watching when the area is finished and they start to film in it.

We also got to try our hands at being presenters. Each filming for a few minutes. It was terrifying and embarrassing and certainly not a career path for me. I have also never been so glad to sign a NDA in my life. I have actual legal reason I cannot share my humiliation with you all, phew!

A dreamy bag of goodies to take home

After lunch it was time to get messy and make something. The lovely Leonie set us up with a canvas and embossed paper and we got creative.

Mainly though we just all had time to relax and chat. You see that’s what I love about crafts. However out of place I felt to start with, as soon as we sat down and started to make something we were all in it together.

We honestly had such a fun. Leonie is just the most fun lady, as passionate about crafts as you can get, completely ready for a giggle. Chris and Becky from Practical Publsihing were brilliant as well, see Chris you got the blog mention you requested 🙂 In fact every single person I met was just lovely. So many, many hours after I arrived it was time to head home, with a crafting goody bag in hand.

A day doesn’t get much better than that for me. Behind the scenes tour. Meeting new people. Chance to craft without the toddler. Goody bag filled with fab products from the likes of Crafter’s Companion and Nuvo. So I’d like to a massive thank to everyone at Hochanda for all the effort they went to making sure we had an amazing day.

I can only apologise for the lack of pictures. Not even a selfie. I was busy being excited about all the crafting goodies surrounding me. I was a very bad little blogger, but I couldn’t not share my day with you all.

Dear Bear and Beany

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  1. This looks like it was a brilliant day. I have not heard of Hochanda before. The goodie bag looks really great too!

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