Ben 10 Omni Cycle

Ben 10 Omni Cycle Toy Review

L was recently sent the new Ben 10 Omni Cycle toy. It’s bright green, transforms and comes with a Ben 10 character to ride it. Retailing at £19.99 it’s not too expensive, so great if you want to treat your children especially with the Easter holidays looming.

Ben 10 Omni Cycle

The transforming element of the Omni Cycle is simple, you just flip the wheels into a different position, changing it from an off-roader into flight mode. The bright colours and transforming action provides plenty of fuel for imaginative play and being able to have Ben, in his racing gear, as a fun little moveable character toy is an added benefit.

Ben 10 Omni Cycle

Now I’m going to be honest, whilst aimed at ages 4+ I think it has a limited age range and L at six near the upper limit of that. It’s also not the strongest build quality, so I could see younger children potentially breaking it, though they would easily be able to move the wheels to transform it, which is lovely as many toys like this are too fiddly for young children. It’s a tough balance to get right.

Ben 10 Omni Cycle

Those two points aside, if you’ve got a 5/6 year old who loves the show this would be perfect for them, it fits perfectly with the cartoon and there are loads of other toys you can get which is always nice as kids do love to collect!

Ben 10 Omni Cycle

You can purchase the new Ben 10 Omni Cycle, along with other toys in the range from Amazon.

Disclosure – we were gifted our toy in return for an honest review, all thought opinions and images are my own.

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