Ben 10 Power Trip

Ben 10 Power Trip – Video Game Review

Tomorrow (9th October) sees the launch of the new Ben 10 Power Trip video game and we’ve been lucky enough to have had a few days in advance to see what it’s all about. I’ve popped the game trailer below, so you can see what it’s all about.

It has only been this year that L has started playing games on our XBox and it can be hard to know what kind of things to get him, because he doesn’t know what he likes. So I really didn’t know how he would enjoy Ben 10 Power Trip, but so far it’s been great. We’ve been watching him problem solve to complete tasks, listen to instructions to learn the controls and know what to complete next and we’ve been watching him simply enjoy the games storyline.

Ben 10 Power Trip
Loading Ben 10 Power Trip for the first time!

The game is like you are in one long episode of the show, it really has taken all the fun things L enjoys about watching Ben 10 and popped it into game format so you can be fully part of his world. This time around though, his world is a bit different, as Ben 10 was on holiday with his family when an evil magician, Hex, started causing the kind of trouble only Ben can fix.

Ben 10 Power Trip
Obviously we had to celebrate, I am not sure if the party had enough balloons

As you start to play you start to gather the aliens that Ben can transform into and certain tasks need certain aliens for their specific skills. So you have to remember a lot of things and really think about what needs to happen next. Do you need to able to create fire to help melt the snow of a trappen ski resort or do could you use an expert sense of smell to track down something that has been lost?

Ben 10 Power Trip
And clearly we had to bake cookies too, you know for in game snacking

As well as completing the missions to move the story along there is a lot of free play and chance just to look around and explore the world of the game. L took to it really quickly, which is good because his main help at home has been me and I can’t use the XBox, I know how to put the husband’s password in so L can play, but that’s about it. So L pretty quickly discovered if he wanted to know how to do something in the game he would have to work it out for himself! That’s been good for him though, it’s also kind of the point. It’s meant he’s had to think about the task in front of him and find the right way to solve that problem.

Ben 10 Toys
L was also super lucky to get a bundle of Ben 10 toys

I’ve really enjoyed him playing this as I can see him learning through it. When he plays racing games, he just races and crashes, races and crashes. With this, however, he has to put more thought into it. He has to be the right character at the right time. He has to solve puzzles. He has to think back and remember things. At times you have to be really coordinated and time things perfectly. It’s also just really fun, with aliens to battle and scooters to dash about on.

Ben 10 Power Trip
A little after dinner game time and look at that concentration

You can do split screen play with Ben 10 and Kevin Levin to help each other out, I thought L would like to do this with his Daddy, seeing as he knows what he’s doing with the XBox, but no, this is L’s game and he will play it alone thank you!

Ben 10 Party
It would be rude not to have sweets and cake at a party

Whilst we have been playing this on our XBox One the game is also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PS4. Thus adding to my argument that we should own a Switch so I can play the one and only console game I’ve ever loved, Animal Crossing, but that’s another story. You can buy your game from Smyths Toys and Amazon, remember it launches tomorrow!

Ben 10 Party
L really has been so lucky with everything he was sent for his Ben 10 Power Trip party

As if getting early access to the game wasn’t enough we were also sent all the things we would need to make a party out of the game launch! Ben 10 toys, games, colouring and snack ideas. Honestly, we’ve been so spoilt. If you’d like to join in with the party head over to Twitter tomorrow and join me.

Ben 10 Toys
He loves to the Omnitrix Creator Pack

We got some fab Ben 10 blind bags, you can collect mini versions of all the characters which is a lot of fun and they are great to play with as well. We also got a couple of the larger new Ben 10 wave 11 figures to play with, L loves these and I keep finding them waiting for me around the house which he finds highly amusing. L also got his own Omnitrix to make and wear, it comes with loads of parts so you can create your own design and it as light and sound effects too. You can find these toys and more at Amazon. L loves that he’s now got more Ben 10 Toys to add to his collection.

Ben 10 Power Trip
More game play with Ben 10 Power Trip

I’d love to see you guys at the Twitter Party tomorrow, 9th October between 1pm and 3pm, just follow me @anywaytostay as well as @outright_games and @UKMumsTV and make sure you use #Ben10PowerTrip

We’ve had so much fun playing this game and continue to enjoy it as we work our way through the challenges, even once completed I can see this as being a game L will go back to again and again. We’ve just had so much Ben 10 fun this week.

Disclosure – we were gifted our game and toys and I have been compensated for my time. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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