Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days

Ben and Holly’s Magical Days

Recently L got a wonderful package of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom goodies. So wonderful he could barely contain himself.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
I love that he will just play with them any place and any time

Ben and Holly has been a hit in the house since L was quite little, he loves the cartoon illustrations and naughty Nanny Plum, we often find it helps answer some of his BIG questions, like ‘where do the stars go during the day Mummy’. Well the Wise Old Elf actually explained that really well in an episode, ‘The Shooting Star’.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
Throwing Sticks to Gaston is a great game

The fact that Ben and Holly answers some of L’s big questions in a sensible way and an understandable way, alongside being funny and very entertaining is what has kept us going back for more. I have lost track of the amount of times we have played pretend jelly floods or wished we could have a pet ladybird that acts just like dog, I mean who wouldn’t want their own Gaston?! Singing He’s Gaston the Ladybug, woof, woof!

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
What a fab bundle

So picture the look on L’s face when he got home from nursery one day to find a box almost as big as him full of Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom goodies. He got a Thistle Castle Playset, an extra little figure to go with the Castle, a set of the DVDs, a set of mini books, a puzzle a memory game and we got access to the Big Star Fun App available on iOS and Android. He was well chuffed!

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
So serious

The Big Star Fun app is brill and really easy to use. It’s well worth the £1.99 purchase price as this means you get zero ads, and I don;t know about you but I would rather spend a couple of quid for an ad free experience when it comes to apps L is using. I’m less worried about myself, but for him I need to know that, he won’t click on ad and see something inappropriate, or even something entirely age appropriate like a toy that he will the hassle me for! I also like the fact that he won’t be accidentally clicking on adfs and then getting frustrated and irrationally angry because he’s been directed away from his game.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
We got Ben and his Elf Horn as well as the Castle Set

Any way, the app, it’s great. The Wise Old Elf talks you through what needs to happen and gives you instructions then you get to play the games and collect stickers. There are easy and hard modes to keep the game play going longer. You can try and spot Ben and Holly in the windows of the Great Elf Tree, throw sticks for Gaston, sweep up leaves or fly Gaston to collect stars. It’s easy enough for little folk but hard enough to keep them interested. The parental controls are spot on and I don’t have a bad word about it.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
Demonstrating the toadstool door opener

Out of everything we were sent L’s favourite item has probably been the Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Little Library. A collection of 6 teeny tiny books inside a little box. The books tell you about the key characters from the show. Not only do they tell you a story but they also make a picture of Gaston along the spines when popped back in the box in the right order. Plus, the back covers are a puzzle too.  We’d been reading them at bedtime most nights until I realised I had no idea where they had gone. I turned the house upside down. Only to find L had taken them into his Daddy’s car so he could have something to read, how cute is that!

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
Once you’ve collected stickers in the app you can use them in the virtual sticker book

The Memory Game, is brill. It features everyone and is just really easy entertainment. Same for the puzzle. It’s a nice size and the pieces are great quality, fitting together easily and securely. L does enjoy a good puzzle. The Magical Collection of DVDs are just great and a must if you are going away over the summer holidays, I always say a holiday is the same stress as home, but without your favourite TV shows, so we always bring DVDs now, providing we’re going somewhere with a DVD player, obviously. 4 DVDs full of your favourite episodes for £7.99 is literally hours worth of entertainment, bargain!

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
He’s very particular about where things go

Now the Thistle Castle Playset is definitely the item I was most excited about (not that I have been playing with my son’s toys), it is brilliant. The Castle comes with so much, you get a little Holly figurine and obviously we added in the Ben figurine we got in a separately. Accessory wise you get a magic chest filled with gold coins, or is it? Open it one way and it is empty, use fairy magic and it is filled with coins! There’s a throne, magic book, cauldron, Holly’s bed, a mirror, a little jar of potion and of course a picnic basket filled with jelly! The Castle is fully decorated and even has a flag, best of all the toadstool outside opens the front door.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
Thistle Castle is brilliant and looks just like it does in the show

The Thistle Castle Playset offers so many possibilities and we do love a bit of small world play. What I think is really nice for L is that size wise it matches perfectly with all his Peppa Pig and Miffy toys. So he can mix and match them as he wishes, which he does regularly. I have also witnessed Ben being in mortal peril on his train set and Holly rescuing him with her magic and both of them trying to break into to his Fairy Door!!

The quality of everything we received has been very impressive, I suppose I kind of expected it of the puzzle and memory game, things like that, but I particularly impressed with the Castle playset. With toys like that I always worry that L will be too rough with them (by too rough, I mean play like any other four year old) and they’ll be broken within minutes, but that hasn’t been the case with these. I also love that you can add to your Little Kingdom with such ease, either with more playsets or the little figures and accessory sets. We got Ben and he came with his elf horn.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
L loves sweeping leaves

We are definitely going to have a summer filled with Magical Days thanks to Ben and Holly. So THANK YOU, thank you so much for all our lovely gifts and making L so very happy.

I would also like to apologise for L not being in a single picture, he was having a no photo day and that is something I have chosen to respect. He’s usually really good about it, so on the days he says no I just have to go with it. If he changes his mind on a day when we’ve got the toys and my camera out, I’ll update the pictures, but for now, sorry.

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Magical Days
Holly in her bedroom

Where to buy

  • Thistle Castle Playset  – £29.99 – Smyths Toys
  • Figure and Accessory – £3.99 – Character Online
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: The Magical Collection (4 pack DVD)  – £7.99 – HMV
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: Little Library (6 pack book) – £4.99 – Waterstones
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Puzzle – £3.99 – Amazon
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Ravensburger Memory Game  – £3.99 – Amazon
  • Big Star Fun app – £1.99 – Android and iOS

Disclosure – we received our package in exchange for our honest thoughts.

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