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The Benefits of Home Learning

As you all know I’m a big fan of home learning and have taken several courses. But what do businesses really think? This survey from NCC Home Learning aims to find out.

From my point of view Home Learning enabled me to keep my mind sharp and have a bit of time to myself during my maternity leave and beyond. 

Home Learning
Home Learning

For me I learnt new skills and found a new career path.

I know for a fact I have won some of my clients because I had qualifications where others didn’t. I also know that those clients valued the fact I had the determination to learn from home and the ability to manage my time to fit it in.

But what do other business owners think?

If you are a business owner then please do complete the survey to get your thoughts heard. Even if you’re not, check it out. There are some very interesting points on there. It only takes a few moments to complete and you never know it might open your eyes to a whole new way of learning or training.

Home Learning
Learning from home

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