Blink XT Camera and hub

Blink XT Outdoor Security Cameras – Review & Giveaway

I’ve got the most amazing competition for you to win a 2 Camera Blink XT home security set.

Blink XT Camera and hub
Blink XT Camera and hub

We’ve been testing it out at home and I am beyond impressed. The Blink XT cameras are suitable for outdoor use. They are waterproof and have no wires thanks to the clever use of power, each camera uses two standard AA lithium batteries which will last for two years.

Set up is really simple and everything you need is in the box. All you need to do is download the App which on is available on iOS and Android.

Blink XT, what you get in the box
Blink XT, what you get in the box

You will for guided through each step to connect and optimise your cameras and you can easily add more at a later date. Honestly, the hardest thing to do was attach them to  the wall but that was because our drill is rubbish.

Once they are set up you can view a live stream via the app and it will also record and save snippets of film for you when it detects motion. All for free! No monthly charges or expensive accounts. Oh and the video is only 1080p Full HD quality. 

Blink App
Blink App

It gets better. Because Blink links with IFTTT you can get it to do some pretty awesome stuff.  For example,  you can arm and disarm your system using Google Home. Or set it up to arm when your Nest account shows you as being away from home. Awesome. I’ve done both these things and now don’t have to think about it.

It links up with Alexa too, I don’t have an Alexa so haven’t tested this out, I’m fully Google I am.

Blink XT Camera size, palm of hand
The cameras look good and are nicely sized

I love the notifications you get. They are unobtrusive and give me peace of mind. I hop in and watch in real time or catch up with the recording when I get a second. With infrared night vision I can keep an eye on things at any time of day. 

I would certainly add to my system. Maybe with an indoor camera or a siren. Infact, I may do both. Why not when it’s so straight forward.

Blink XT Camera
The Blink XT Cameras can be installed anywhere

I love that once you’ve paid for the cameras that’s it.  No monthly charges, even though you’re getting what would be considered premium and chargeable features with most other systems. I’ve tried Motorola’s Focus 85 via the Hubble app, D-Links Home Range and even BT’s indoor camera monitors. All of them require a paid for account if you want to record video, oh and all of them require wires too.

This is by far my favourite system. For ease of use, the app and features. It is also the best for cost. All these factors are better in comparison to the others I have tested. If you could zoom and rotate like the Motorola and add more home devices, like smart plugs and motion sensors like you can with D-Link this would be a formidable system. Chances are they have already thought of this. 

Blink XT Camera
Blink XT Camera on a wall

I’m going to quickly mention the app. The app is brilliant. I have to admit, I was concerned by some of the recent feedback on the Google play store. It wasn’t great and referred to a recent update causing issues. But I haven’t had a single problem. I can see everything I need to see. Set up everything I need to set up. It’s not the prettiest looking app out there but it’s easy to use, works well and is reliable.

Blink units can be purchased on or directly through the brand’s website at

Blink XT Camera
Blink XT Camera

If you’re impressed and want to win a 2 camera kit worth £239.99 then simply enter your details into the Gleam below.

Good luck xx

Win a 2 Camera Blink XT Outdoor Security Set worth £239.99

Disclosure. I was gifted my set in exchange for an honest review. Blink have kindly also provided we prize.

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  2. Great reviews of Blink!! I like this for it’s ease of use, the app and features. It’s price is also standard.

    Thanks Briony for such an informative article!

  3. Blink looks so promising! I’m canvasing and looking for different types of security cameras and so far, Blink catches my attention. Hopefully I’d be able to avail soon. Thanks for sharing the info! 🙂

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  7. There are regular break ins in our area and this would give us peace of mind if we had this watching!

  8. Would love to win. I have had two breakins to my car but the police said without CCTV their is nothing they can do but to give me a crime number to report to my insurance company. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  9. With receive in break ins that seem to be happening. This would be a perfect addition to any home. Anything that makes you feel a bit more protected in a definite plus

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  11. Just what I need!! We keep getting broken into and I’d love to catch the little scroat in the act!!

  12. These cameras do look really good, as well as for safety I would use them to find the culprit that lets their dog mess in our front garden.

    Great prize, thank you

  13. I have been looking at getting one of these. I live on the grounds of a stately home in the coach house ( sounds a lot posher than it is! ) and we have an electric gate but only have intercom to the big house so I have no idea if someone is at the gate and wants to see me. A camera and doorbell which goes straight to my phone is perfect for my place. and it would help me feel more secure.

  14. Maybe this would stop my mum worrying so much, it’s always possible…

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  18. I would love to win this after 2 attempts of someone trying to get into our cars

  19. This would be perfect for the one side of our house that’s it’s difficult to see when you’re indoors!

    1. I’m obsessed with ours. They actually make me feel safer. As a general rule they’re turned off when we’re home. But l was hone alone the other night, hearing all the sounds, so l popped them on and just felt better

  20. this would be great for my family home we currently do have a camera on the property but it has seen better days x

  21. This would be so amazing to win, you can never have enough safety these days to look after your family.

  22. This looks fantastic, security is so important. Would love to win, thanks for the chance.

  23. I love my blink camera but want to cover the back of my house now too. It was so easy to set up and the picture quality is brilliant too.

  24. These would be good for my brother – he’s so paranoid about leaving his girlfriend and their first baby at home while he works!

  25. Oh my goodness these cameras are amazing! We’re looking to update our old cctv as it’s not smart phone friendly and the fact that these are wireless and last two years with batteries is just fab!! I’ve entered the giveaway and followed you and can’t wait to read more of your blog. Have a fab Friday!

    Kat x


  26. Sounds like a great camera – really like that there are no additional costs.

  27. Its a definite positive that there is nothing else to pay once youve bought the camera.

  28. Would love to extend my single camera setup for additional security

  29. Great giveaway keeping every thing crossed as i really need one of these

  30. I have an internal camera and would like to add external cams. These are simple to set up and work over quite a long distance from the base unit 🙂

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  32. Cameras are so small nowadays you are probably being filmed everywhere you go?

  33. Got burgled 20 years ago, wish these were around then crime seems to be getting worse and the police fewer and fewer

  34. My home is at the end of a cul-del-sac and has poor lighting, I have been looking for a security camera which will act as a deterrent for would-be intruders and give me peace of mind. I have recently turned my alarm off as the wiring keeps shorting and the alarm goes of at random times of day and NIGHT. The fact that this requires no wiring is a great positive. I have my fingers crossed for this fabulous prize.

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    Great review as well !

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    1. They are really good. It’s just a little thing but l liked that there was a window sticker in the box to let people know the house had cameras. A simple deterrent. Then obviously the cams themselves

  45. these would be great we are moving soon due to hubbys job and the are isn’t as nice so these would be super for that xx

  46. Love your honest and “real world” review of the Blink. I think it’s a neat way to give you piece of mind while your away from home.

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