Blippi Toys

Blippi Toys Are in the UK

L loves Blippi and has done for so long now. It all started through his love of tractors and us trying to find some suitable and not completely boring tractor videos for him to watch on YouTube.

Blippi Toys UK Launch Box
So excited for the Blippi Toys UK launch box

Blippi was there for us and as L has grown so has Blippi, with videos for every occasion, music albums, books, clothes and toys. A lot of which have only been available in America. But the toys have now launched in the UK and we were sent a huge box of them to celebrate.

I’m pretty certain Blippi was the first word L could spell, after all it’s how he ends most videos. The tractor song was certainly his first musical obsession and I may have two Blippi albums downloaded as playlist for him. When we got our new TV over the summer it came with a ROKU stick and that comes with it’s own Blippi channel, well it took him all of five minutes to work out how to access that so he often sneaks out of bed in the morning to get his Blippi fix on TV.

Blippi Toys
With all his Blippi Toys

Blippi is 100% the reason I appear to have raised an american child, one who watches out for the garbage truck once a week, puts trash in the bins and cannot work out why we put petrol in the car not gas.

The videos are great though, they are fun and informative and he has learnt a lot from them. Sure as an adult I find watching it for 90 hours straight a little annoying but it’s way better than the surprise egg videos and random unboxings that he also enjoys.

At 6 L is technically a bit old for the toys but as such a huge fan I was confident that wouldn’t matter and I was so right!

Blippi Ball Pit Blinds
The Blippi Ball Pit Blinds

We were sent two Ball Pit Blinds, they are £3.99 each and inside contain a little Blippi figure and a letter card. I was unsure if L would like these or not but he has been using them like little action figures in his small world play and likes to use the letter cards when he educating the cat, the poor cat puts up with a lot.

Blippi Vehicles
Two cute Blippi Vehicles

We also got two little vehicles which he was so excited about, there are a selection of vehicles and Blippi drives them. If you watch the video I’ve uploaded you can here L shout out that he’s always wanted a Blippi Digger which is so sweet. At £5.99 each they are a nice little treat and very sturdy so will last well, even in younger hands.

The set of surprise boxes were cute, numbered boxes just like Blippi uses in his videos and each containing a little surprise related to the number. There is no hammer in the box to bash them open, despite L’s vastly exaggerated claims in the same video mentioned above, but he did enjoy opening them up to find out what was inside. I’m not sure of the staying power of the contents, whilst cute and nice additions to games he sometimes plays I can see them going missing quite quickly. The set of 10 surprise boxes is £9.99.

The Blippi Talking Plush
L loves his Blippi friend

His two favourite items are by far the My Buddy Blippi Doll (£17.99) and the Dress Up Roleplay Set (£11.99).

These have given him immense happiness and had so much use since we got them, so I think they are fabulous value for money.

Blippi Role Play
How cute is he?

I was worried that L wouldn’t like the toy, mainly as he is getting a bit old for things like that and now often leaves his best soft toy Gerry the Giraffe at home which would never have happened last year! But Blippi has become a firm friend, he was immediately introduced to the giraffe and got to go in the car to watch L play football,he didn’t get to leave the car, but was propped up in the window so he could see. He also gets to sleep in L’s bed and they chat into the night. You see when you squeeze Blippi’s middle he talks and says loads of his classic phrases.

Blippi Toys Role Play
He loves it

The Blippi Toys dress up kit is great too, with an orange bow tie, braces and glasses as well as the iconic orange and blue hat. They are all easy to put on and take off and L loves getting to dress up as Blippi. It is so sweet and funny watching him trot round the house pretending he is making his own videos. So fab!

The toys are available at all good retailers, including Smyths, Argos, Amazon, Entertainer, Tesco and Asda.

Disclosure – we were gifted our toys in return for an honest review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own (and L’s).

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