Bookabees – Review

Handpicked books, delivered each month, to your door for your kids. Sound perfect to you? Me too! I loved the idea behind Bookabees and was so happy to get to try out the service. Bookabees

It works like this, you tell the guys at Bookabees some information about your child and what they like. For example, L is a boy aged 4 about to start school, he loves dinosaurs and diggers. They then select some books every month and post them to your child in a box all labelled up for them. That in itself is pretty exciting. You then read the books and if you love them you get to buy them at 1/2 the RRP which is a huge saving, if you weren’t too fussed you send them back for free.

Simple. Bookabees

Not only do they send you the books, they also send you a selection of activities. We got a bookmark to colour in, some stickers and a spaceship to decorate and hang up. Such a sweet idea and it adds another dimension to this great subscription box.


Now I know you all want to know the cost, after all, it’s what I would want to know. I actually think it’s really reasonable, there are three options. Little, Big and Bigger. The little box gives you one book and is £4.99 a month, Big is 3 books and £8.99 a month and finally Bigger is 5 Books and £10.99 per month. Plus, at the moment, you’ll get your first box half price. There are no minimum terms and you can cancel at anytime.Bookabees

My next big question was, well why not go to the library, that’s free and you can go as many times as you want. Bookabees

Well for starters you don’t get the surprise element, I love getting parcels and L’s face when he saw his name on the box was delightful. You also don’t the little activities. Nor, do you get the option to keep your books. Plus, you might not be lucky enough to have a library on your doorstep or the time to visit it. I know now L is heading off to school it’s going to be far less convenient for us to drive to the next town to visit our local library and we will not be able to go so often. Bookabees

In the back of each book is a library card of sorts, so you can rate the book and see who else has had it and what they thought. You can also see where the book has travelled and that gives it a life of its own. Just another thing that makes this service special. Bookabees

So what did we get?

Three of the most perfect books, they honestly couldn’t have picked better for him. Bookabees

Pirates Don’t Drive Diggers. A brilliant tale of a young Pirate who doesn’t really want to be a pirate, he just wants to drive diggers. Bookabees

Dinosaur Dig. A great counting book about dinosaurs on a building site. It has great illustrations and has been a big hit. Bookabees

The Usborne Big Book of Machines. This is L’s ideal book. With massive fold out pages and a huge variety of machinery, this is actually a book we’ve taken out from the library on several occasions, now he gets to keep it. Bookabees

What would we have kept?

Well if if it was down to L, all three, but personally I would have only kept the Usborne Big Book of Machines. It’s a factual book with a lot of staying power and one I know he will go back to time and time again. Bookabees

The other two books are fabulous and we really enjoyed them but I know as soon as the next box of books arrived he would be straight over the new ones and these would be forgotten.

We really enjoyed our Bookabees box and think it’s a great idea. I’m always on board with getting books into kids lives and this is a fun way to do it.

Disclosure – we were gifted our box in exchange for a review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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