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Bridgestone: Chase Your Dream, No Matter What

A little while ago I went to an event with Bridgestone. This was primarily to find out about their Driveguard Tyres but it was also about the ways they are working with schools and sports and various sponsorships, including the Olympics. So comes the Chase Your Dreams, No Matter What campaign. It is just so positive and inspiring I had to share it.

Bridgestone No Matter What
Bridgestone Driveguard Day

Bridgestone’s ambassadors, Daley Thompson, Charley Hull and Chris Mears, have all had to fight to get where they are. Whether it was against race, gender or illness they each have inspiring stories.

We all do I think. I’m a sucker for positive messages and inspirational stories. I’m not one to stop fighting when things get hard, I’d still be miserable and plodding along in a job that made me thoroughly miserable if that was the case. A kid, three years, a blog and a new part time job later and I’m happy, not all the way to my dream yet, but happy so that’s what is really important.

It’s such a great campaign. I’m so pleased to see such a great brand, one that to me represents safety and family, getting involved with the Olympics and pushing such a fabulous campaign.

Chase your dreams, no matter what.

What’s your dream? Why not enter Bridgestone’s competition and tell them, maybe they can make it come true?

The Olympic ambassadors will help select the two most compelling stories from everyone who enters. Bridgestone will then work together with the ambassadors to bring the winners’ dreams to life.

During the year the No Matter What ambassadors will each host an event to inspire everyday people to overcome their own obstacles and chase their dreams no matter what.

Disclosure – I attended a Bridgestone Driveguard event so I could share details of the tyres. I was neither expected to write this post nor compensated for it.

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