Brightening Up My Wardrobe with Edinburgh Woollen Mill

I am really bad at buying myself clothes, I will make sure everyone else has what they need and just make do with what I have got. This means my wardrobe is somewhat dull and it’s time to fix that.

My Beautiful Shirt
My Beautiful Shirt

One thing I want to do as I lose weight is to treat myself to something new and beautiful at each new milestone, something that is me, something I feel comfortable in and something that is both beautiful and practical. So I have started with a wonderful floral shirt from Edinburgh Woollen Mill’s Country Rose Collection. Start as you mean to go on right?

For starters I have always loved wearing shirts but have shied away from the because of my weight, because they are so fitted I often have to buy them several sizes larger which is just depressing or I find they are restrictive or I don’t feel comfortable in them.

Not so with this little beauty, it is exactly the size it says it is and fits a treat, which in turns makes me look and feel a lot better. With it’s roll up sleeves, pockets and cute gingham collar trim it has been very well made and it both practical and comfortable.

This is me at the weekend, my before picture, lets hope
This is me, in my lovely shirt 

The main thing I love is the stunning floral print, it is so me! It is the brightest thing in my wardrobe, feminine and pretty and I love it. I love it so much I would be completely prepared to stray from my rule of ‘if it needs ironing don’t get it’ this is worth ironing.

The Country Rose Collection is amazing, with shirts, tee’s, tunics and jersey tops (amongst other things) in a great mix of floral and classic prints that are perfect any time of year. I love the whole look and the prices are more than reasonable. I love the younger look, not one I would have expected, but one they have pulled off perfectly.

Disclosure – I was sent my top free of charge for an honest review

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