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Bringing Organisation to Your Bathroom

Do you have a finely honed morning routine in your household or does getting ready and leaving the house leave all of you feeling a stressed out and rushed? If you’d like to bring a little calm to the chaos, you’d do well to start with your bathroom. After all, it’s the one room we all use first thing in the morning and the place we prepare ourselves for a productive day.

bathroom organisation

According to research, replacing your bathroom could add as much as three per cent value to your home. But what value could you add for you and your family now simply by bringing better organisation to your bathroom space? Let’s take a look…

The Benefits of Bringing Zen to Your Bathroom

When you’re running to a tight schedule, there’s nothing worse than wasting time looking for products. How many times have you cursed as you rummage around for the dental floss or look for your tweezers? Lining products up, zoning by use or assigning areas for one type of product can make it much easier to grab and use what you need when you are fresh out of bed and blurry eyed.

As well as being a thief of time, poor bathroom organisation can cost you money too. Not being able to see at a glance which products you have and which are running out can lead to overspending on items you already have, along with inconvenient moments like realising you’ve run out of toothpaste or toilet roll. And of course, for those times where you have a little more time to unwind and relax, it’s far easier to do so in a tidy, clean and uncluttered setting.

bathroom organisation

Designing An Organisation-Friendly bathroom

Practicality is key when it comes to bathroom design and it pays to start with the basics. Choosing an easy-to-clean suite with hardwearing features like a steel bath will give you a good base for a bathroom that’s fit for purpose and easy to maintain. Along with materials used, consider how your suite can make the best use of space by taking features right out into corners or incorporating smart storage.

Another ‘smart’ you may want to think about bringing into the bathroom is smart technology. According to one recent survey, 83% of Brits would love a self-cleaning toilet while 66% would like to command precision in the bathroom with digital controls that power temperature, spray and timing for the perfect shower. Digital shower controls and smart toilets are relatively new to the bathroom market but can certainly offer a touch of luxury alongside making your bathroom time acutely organised.

If your bathroom-decorating budget isn’t quite up to supporting such purchases, you can still make a huge impact by thinking carefully about layout and storage. Would several smaller washing hampers make for easier wash loads? Perhaps it’s time to assign different family members a bathroom shelf each? Smart organisational swaps don’t need to be expensive.

bathroom organisation

Implement Bathroom Rotas

Is it a case of dash and go when you see the bathroom empty? The most organised homes implement a bathroom rota so that everyone has their fair share of bathroom time in the morning. This may seem regimented to some, but in homes where there’s no en suite on the master bedroom, it can be a really clever way to keep the morning routine running smoothly. To sort out who goes when – use each individual’s desired time for leaving the house as your starting point. Those leaving earliest should naturally be given priority for the first bathroom slots. Try and give assign everyone at least an equal amount of time in the bathroom and make a plan for how you’ll handle calls of nature too.

Want to make sure your newly tidy bathroom stays clean and decluttered? A rota for cleaning will help you keep things clear and organised and maintain your bathroom as a relaxing space. If you struggle to find time to do a deep clean, assigning one bathroom cleaning task to each day can help to make things more manageable.

For example, you might polish the bathroom mirrors one day, clean your shower another and stay on top of general cleanliness by giving your sink and toilet a quick wipe round every day. This way you’ll find that your bathroom stays smelling fresh and dirt and grime doesn’t build up to levels that mean you need to spend a huge chunk of time scrubbing. The result? You’re left with more time to relax and enjoy the Zen space you’ve created.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post. Images are GoDaddy stock pictures and not my own.

4 thoughts on “Bringing Organisation to Your Bathroom”

    1. Me too!! I had to laugh as I was publishing that as only the day before my OH made a massive deal about how he’d really cleaned the bathroom, but he hadn’t tidied any of the bath toys away, wiped a single tile or touched the toilet. All he had done was wipe the sink and hang his towel up. Honestly!!

  1. My bathroom is so small I struggle to keep it organised, my daughters are a nightmare for putting dirty washing on the floor!

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