BRIO Cargo Helicopter

BRIO Cargo Helicopter Review

We love BRIO in this house. L has an extensive wooden train set which mixes BRIO and other brands together and one of his favourite items is his BRIO police station, so when we got offered the chance to review the BRIO Cargo Helicopter I just knew he would love it.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
Look at that happy face!!

As soon as L got hold of the post and saw what was in his parcel he was beside himself. We had  open it immediately.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
BRIO Cargo Helicopter box

It has hardly left his side since. In fact it is tucked up in bed next to him as I type this.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
What you get in the box

The BRIO Cargo Helicopter comes with a pilot, two cargo boxes on cargo train carriages, moving rotors and not only does the front open and close the back does as well, with a nice little ramp that has tracks for the trains and cars.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
You can play straight from the box

He loves how much you can do with the helicopter, it’s a fabulous standalone toy, without the need for any of the other BRIO toys. It is also brilliant when you do add it to the rest of his set. It’s worth noting that whilst the trains can load directly into the helicopter the helicopter itself doesn’t ‘ride’ along the tracks due to it’s trio of wheelbases.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
On it’s first mission

As with all the modern BRION toys I’m always a little disappointed with the plastic to wood ratio. I love that they have kept a wood element in the Helicopter, but it is more of a token element to remind us of where BRIO have come from. It’s a minor niggle though and not something I think any child would notice!!

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
He’s making helicopter sounds in case anyone wonders what that face is about

It’s a really solid toy and though the front window/door to the cockpit pops out every now and then it easily clips back in.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
Opening the back of the helicopter

L’s helicopter has acted as a rescue helicopter, cargo transporter, passenger carrier and even the hider of sweets he has managed to get hold of in the kitchen, his arms reach a long way now, I apparently have to store things high up as well as far back.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
That’s quite a take off

We love this fabulous toy, really love it. It is brilliant quality, will provide hours of entertainment and last hm for years.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
A great toy for taking out and about

The BRIO Cargo Helicopter retails at £34.99 and is suitable for ages 3+.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
He just loves it so much

Disclosure – we were gifted our helicopter in return for an honest review.

BRIO Cargo Helicopter
He took it on the train with us the other day

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  1. I think the helicopter would be ideal for my nephew when he’s a little older.

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