BRIO Central Train Station

BRIO Central Train Station Review

As you all know we love BRIO in this house. L has an amazing BRIO police station, a BRIO Farm Set and a BRIO Cargo Helicopter, he uses these with his railway set and also just in general small world play. They get used a lot, so we were really chuffed happy to be able to review the BRIO Central Train Station. BRIO Central Train Station

The BRIO Central Train Station is a rather large item. It makes a great focal point for a train set and is a great way to run two tracks at the same time as there are two lines running through the centre of the station. You do need an existing wooden train set to add it to though, this is an add on item to enhance a current set. BRIO Central Train Station

The train station has some really great little features, it comes with one BRIO Character, a female commuter. It’s always nice to add some people into the set, I love watching him play with them and put them to work. Outside the station there is a ticket booth, very much like real life, and if the little people stand on the footprint shaped button  it plays ticket dispensing sounds. BRIO Central Train StationThe station also has clocks at each end that you can change the time on, which is a cute little addition.

A lot of thought has been given to the station, there is a lot of open space so you can easily access the platforms and move the trains along. The decoration is on point, down to the tiles and glass vaulted ceilings, it all looks familiar to L and he well versed in a train station!

Of course this is mainly a plastic item, a very solid and rather sturdy plastic toy, but they have kept the BRIO heritage alive with touches of wood where they can. I love that it has not been forgotten. BRIO Central Train Station

The main thing for us is that two lines run through the station, meaning we can set up a quite exciting track really quickly and easily. Just two separate loops will be enough to satisfy him. Maybe one line to the countryside and farm, a second loop to the city and police station. It certainly makes my life easier if I’m pushed for time!BRIO Central Train Station

I just know this is going to last us for years and years and I think the build quality alone warrants the investment, but it’s the little things that set it apart too. The design, the fun, the ease of use. I can’t fault it. L has already been playing with his train set for a few years and I haven’t seen the enthusiasm drop at all, it is just growing with us. BRIO Central Train Station

The BRIO Farm Set retails at £33.99 and is suitable for ages 3+.

Disclosure – we were gifted our station in return for an honest review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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