BRIO Farm Railway Set

BRIO Farm Railway Set Review

As you all know we love BRIO in this house. L has an amazing BRIO police station as well as a BRIO Cargo Helicopter, he uses these with his railway set and also just in general small world play. They get used a lot, so we were really chuffed to be able to review the BRIO Farm Railway Set. He loves trains, he loves tractors and he loves BRIO so we were on to a winner.

BRIO Farm Railway Set
Chuffed face

Our parcel was ready and waiting for us after the very long 8 hour journey from Bluestone, it made what could have been a fraught time unloading into fun as he just got straight on and played.

BRIO Farm Railway Set
Love how much it comes with

This is a brilliant set as it is completely standalone, you get enough track to make a loop. A little farm building that has a magnetic crane. A muddy farm crossing, which I love! You also get a little tractor and trailer with hay bale, a train and animal carriage that opens up, a cow, a crossing sign and two bits of fencing. I think the set would make a great starter kit. I really do.

BRIO Farm Railway Set
A bit blurry but that smile says it all

The BRIO Farm Railway Set has fitted in with our existing and ever growing world of railways very well. The tractor has been a big hit and I am strangely fond of the little wooden cow, the wood and plastic combo has given it loads of detail but also a tonne of charm. So cute.

BRIO Farm Railway Set
A pleasure to watch him play

I’m usually a little disappointed with the plastic to wood ratio on the new BRIO toys but I actually think they’ve done well with this set. The majority of the track is standard wooden track, it’s only the muddy farm crossing that is plastic, but that has allowed all the mud details to be added and is super cute. The train, tractor and carriages are a fairly 50/50 mix of wood and plastic. The farm building is obviously mainly plastic but has kept wooden elements which I like.

BRIO Farm Railway Set
The concentration

The quality is stunning. So well built and very well thought out. Sturdy and really up to the challenge of an excited 4 year old. All the moving bits are easy for him to operate, well sized and simple, but without being childish. Most adults I know would be happy to play with these toys!

BRIO Farm Railway Set
Adding it into a larger track

I just know this is going to last us for years and years and I think the build quality alone warrants the investment, but it’s the little things that set it apart too. The design, the fun, the ease of use. I can’t fault it.

BRIO Farm Railway Set
It is such a lovely looking set

The BRIO Farm Railway Set retails at £34.99 and is suitable for ages 3+.

BRIO Farm Railway Set
How cute is the cow!!

Disclosure – we were gifted our farm set in return for an honest review.

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